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porting these items free of charge. Some quilts were given locally when there was a need.

Money has been raised through raffles and bake tables. This money was then given to charitable organiza­ tions like Child and Family Services, Ability Fund and Red Cross.

The following women who served so faithfully now rest from their labours: Ethylin Beatty, Emma Carlson, Joan Metcalfe, Irene Gustafson and Mary Strand Lee. Blessed be their memory.

Some new members have joined, since the club will continue to serve the community and to meet for fun, food and fellowship.

Editor S Note: Mary Strand Lee passed away in 2000.

ERICKSON 4-H CLUB Submitted by Terry 1. Woychyshyn

The 4-H Beef Club continued under the leadership of Clare and Colleen Larson until 1987, at which time Terry J. Woychyshyn took over as club leader. In that year, we developed the Future 4-Her Program that allowed younger children to participate in 4-H because the rest of the family was already part of 4-H. They exhibited a calen­ dar-year calf with no placing, just for fun. The Erickson 4-H Beef Club was always strong contenders for the Grand Champion Steer and the Grand Champion Heifer at the Neepawa 4-H Inter Club Show and Sale, and many a banner was brought home by the Erickson members. In 1987, Terry G. Woychyshyn had the Grand Champion Steer at Inter Club, a 1335 pound SalerlHereford crossbred, which sold for a record price of $2.68 per pound to the Minnedosa Feed Mill. To this date, there has not been a steer to surpass this price. Membership again dwindled in the early 90's. Keith Syslak took over the leadership in 1993 and a multi-projects club emerged with such projects as: beef, cooking, woodworking, welding, mechanics, rabbit, crafts and sewing. Public speaking has always been an important component of the 4-H Club and many a timid first year member developed into an excellent speaker. Marlene Porteous took over as club leader in 1996 and is the present leader. Currently there are 10 members from the Erickson, Onanole, Clanwilliam and Minnedosa area.

Members from the Erickson Club have been well represented at the Calf Scramble at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Manitoba Judging Team at the Canadian Western Agribition at Regina and the Provincial Public Speaking Competitions in Winnipeg. This year, a group of enthusiastic senior 4-H members from the Southwest Region has formed the Entrepreneurial Training Association, of which one member was from the Erickson 4-H Club. The group travelled to Tanzania.

ERICKSON BRIDGE CLUB Submitted by Margaret Eden

In 1987, Edith Earley, Flo Durnin, Mamie Anderson and Wilda Carlson enjoyed a game of bridge and decided that Erickson should have a Bridge Club. To accomplish this, they contacted Fay Gusdal to be the Director. The Club first met in member's homes every Monday evening. As the Club grew, a larger area was needed; so, Wilda Carlson's rec. room became the favorite place. When Donna Wrnth lived at Peter Abel Home, the Club met there in the Common Room. Neil McLeod also lived at Peter Abel Home at this time and Neil was an avid bridge player whom we all enjoyed very much.

Members came from as far as Minnedosa, Ditch Lake and Onanole. Dean Grant, at the age of 10 years, was our youngest player. Dean's favorite partner, of course, was his father, Rick Grant. The Club has seen many members over the years and has welcomed each and every one. The Club has supported different local events with a monetary dona­ tion. We were invited to meet at Parkland Home. Here we had three residents, Ethel Neilson, Ethel Chambers and Jessie Domanski, who all enjoyed the game of bridge. We continue to meet at Parkland Home every Tuesday evening. As we come to the end of 1999, our Club still has Ethel Neilson, a resident bridge player, who comes out faithfully to play, and Fay Gusdal remams our director.

Art Butler, Johnny Lee, Bob Uhl and Flo Durnin

Wilda Carlson, Fay Gusdal and Dawn Graham