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Health Fair. They also volunteer their services by deliv­ ering Meals on Wheels, holding manicure clinics, playing bingo with residents and assisting with other activities at the Personal Care Home.

Some of the purchases that have been made for the Erickson District Health Centre over the past few years have been a portable blood pressure unit, folding tables, elec­ tric Hoyer lift, clocks for patients' rooms, long-term care mattresses, an oxygen concentrator, ice machine and a portable scale, to name only a few.

Each year, a Bursary 0[$150.00 is offered to a student at the Erickson Collegiate who is entering a profession in the Health Care field.

Members attend the Regional Meetings and Manitoba Health Auxiliaries Association Conventions III vanous regions in Manitoba. In 1986, and again in 1994, Erickson hosted the Regional Meeting for the Central Region.

Erickson District Health Auxiliary is now under the umbrella of the Marquette Regional Health Authority but all monies raised, and all our volunteer work, is strictly for the Erickson District Health Centre.

The Auxiliary presently has 19 active members as well as associate members and junior volunteers from the school who are active in assisting with activities at the Personal Care Home.


E. K. K. is a parent-based organization. The Board is made up of parents. Kiddie Kollege is a very worthwhile program for children, as the objectives are to give them a happy feeling about school, to encourage them to co-oper­ ate as a group and to stimulate imagination, and also to separate the strings from Mom to a child; for some chil­ dren that is a very scary experience. E. K. K. was incorporated on August 16, 1976.

The teachers and parent Board has changed greatly over the years. In 1984, the President was Debbie Hall and the Secretary was Marie Zatylny. Some other Board members are as follows: Alma Braschuk, Val Soltys, Bev Wetteland, SheJJyKaharski, Colleen Larson, Dawn Bennett, Val McMunn, Marie Ewashko, Patti Kowalick, Sharon Kucher, Susan Woywada and Muriel Safroniuk. The pres­ ent Board is: Vice, Michelle Waterman; Treasurer, Terrell Maduke; and Secretary, Karen Lewandoski.

The enrollment has varied over the years. There have been as many as 26 students and as few as 8 students. When there is a low enrollment, there is more fundraising that needs to be done to cover costs of rental of school space, etc. When there was a large enrollment, we had two classes. There was a morning and an afternoon class, two days a week. The program offers a wide variety oflearning oppor­ tunities - the alphabet, their names and also, playing. They also have a snack that is from the four food groups.

The location ofE. K. K. was at the Lutheran Church basement for many years. The E. K. K. moved to the Rec. Centre in January of 1996. It is held upstairs where there is lots of room for equipment and tables. Erickson Kiddie Kollege would not be able to operate without the help and donations from the community. We, the Board of parents and children from the past and the present, would like to thank you.


The Erickson Lions Club has always been an inte­ gral part of the community. The following lists some of the worthwhile community projects the Lions have supported in Erickson and area from 1984-1999:

1984 - the Lions Club helped purchase equipment for the Ambulance Service, helped the local Gymnastic Club, helped the Figure Skating Club buy a new sound system for the new skating arena, helped purchase band instruments for the local High School Band, helped purchase much needed banquet tables for the Rec. Centre and made a sizable donation to the Centennial Campground.

1985 - the Club purchased a Braille Labeler machine for a local resident with sight problems.

1986 - saw the Lions help with traveling costs for a local resident for eye surgery in Toronto. As well, that particular year saw community auctions as a fundraising initiative for the Club. Also, in 1986, the Lions purchased much needed hockey sweaters for the 7-year old hockey players.

1987 - Erickson Lions Club donated equipment to Erickson Fire Department, purchased new bleachers for the Fairgrounds, purchased an ice shaver for the local curling rink and committed over $5,000.00 to the new Erickson Hospital and Personal Care Home. 1987 also saw the Lions donate $3,000.00 to the skating rink for new vent fans and insulation.

1988 - Lions Club supported the local Boy Scouts and Cubs, supported the softball program and ran a yearly Talent Night to raise funds for the community.

1989 - Lions helped shingle old Heritage School and, over the years, hosted numerous New Year's Eve dances.

1990 - Lions supported Safe Grad through Erickson Collegiate and helped work the bar at Safe Grad. Also, started funding the local Kiddie Kollege.

1991 - Lions donated to help purchase the Jaws of Life for the Fire Department and volunteered to help at RCMP Halloween dances.

1992 - Purchased eyeglass collection boxes for collecting used eyeglasses for people with sight and vision problems. A yearly plaque was given to the Erickson Elementary School Patrol. Loony Lottery was started as a yearly fund-raiser. Started Christmas Caroling at the