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Submitted by Albert Johnson

The Honorable Harold Gilleshammer presents a Government grant of $11,937.00 for the remodelling of the Community Centre - February 1995

Erickson Crossroads Community Center was previ­ ously the Perky Pioneer Center, Inc. and was taken over by the Women's Institute. On October II, 1994, it was registered as Erickson Crossroads Community Center Inc. under the directors of: Florence M. Scott, Almie Paulsen and Anne Johnson, all of Erickson.

Erickson Crossroads Community Center Inc. is a non-profit organization to operate in the community for the betterment of the citizens of the area. Upon acquiring this building that was about 75 years old, the Women's Institute took on the task of remodeling it. The building foundation on the east side was replaced, wall panelling removed and drywall installed, taped and painted. The kitchen was remodelled and new cupboards were put in place. The bathroom was re-done, complete with cupboards and floor­ ing. They received a grant for $11,937.00. Many hours of volunteer labour were given to restore the building to its present condition. Metal siding, metal roofing and new metal doors with panic hardware were also installed.

In April 1995, the community center Building Committee was made up by: Victor Waddell, Shirley Steele, Dave Pengelly, Florence Scott, Almie Paulsen and Anne Johnson, all of Erickson.

The building was used mainly for small functions such as bake sales, card party meetings, family gather­ ings, shows and Christmas Parties. It is cleaned and maintained by volunteers, as the budget does not provide for the hiring of a caretaker. In 1996, the W.l. and the Crossroads Community Center decided to build on a 12 x 16 addition for another bathroom and storage area, to meet the building code. This would be required for larger func­

tions. The following grants made this possible:

Royal Canadian Legion Erickson Co-op Erickson Lion's Club

$1,000.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00

Manitoba Community Service Council $5,000.00
Thomas Gill Foundation $5,000.00
Women's Institute $1,500.00
Co-op Equity $ 52.00

The building was constructed, complete with all light­ ing fixtures, plumbing and heating, for the price of $14,14 1.31. The Crossroads Community Center has been operating for the past 6 years.

Directors at this time are:

Albert Johnson Dave Pengelly Ivy Carter Melvin Johnston Anne Johnson Anne Paulsen Elsie Butler Helen Shindela Kay Kotyk

Chairperson Vice- President Secretary Treasurer

W.1. rep.

W.l. rep.

W.I. rep.

WI. rep.

WI. rep.


Erickson District Health Auxiliary Members - 1999

The Auxiliary continues to be an active organization and works diligently to raise funds for our local Health Centre, and provides support to patients and residents.

The Birthday Calendar, which was started in 1951 as a fundraiser, continued until 1986, with members work­ ing very hard to organize and distribute this calendar to the community. In 1986, the annual Fun Fair was started with the support of several organizations in the area. This contin­ ued until 1997 and raised between $2,500.00 - $4,000.00 yearly in this community endeavor. The Auxiliary made a quilt each year that was used for their raffle, with the draws made at the Fun Fair.

With the building of the new Erickson District Health Centre, which was opened in 1989, the Auxiliary was very active in raising funds and assisting with the purchase of new equipment and furuishings. At this time, the Auxiliary's name was changed to the Erickson District Health Auxiliary.

Members continue to raise funds with raffles, teas, bake sales, silent auctions, and serving luncheons at the