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Anderson, Brian and Darlene Anderson, John and Bertha Averill, Alfred and Kate Bachewich, Victor and Lana Beatty, Bob and Annette Beatty, Venton and Marlenne Bekkering, Hans and Lilly Bennett, Steven and Dawn Benson, John and Lillian Bergeson, Arthur and Ivy Bergeson, Carole

Bergeson, Emil and Hansina Bergeson, Irene, Lloyd and Donald Bergeson, Ragnar and Bertha Bergeson, Randy and Sandi Berkowski, Barney and Anne Bertram, Jean

Boucher, Lome and Margaret. Boyko, John and Annie

Boyko, Michael and Margaret Braschuk, John and Paula Brazeau, Norman and Marjorie Brewer, Donald and Mabel Brewer, Mervyn and Dorothy Burkett, Dorland and Viola Burkett, Wilfred and Ina

Butler, Arthur and Elsie, Walter (Wally)

and Kerrie

Byskal, Les and Joyce Campbell, Colin and Margaret Carlson, Ernest and Ruth Carlson, Henry and Emma Carlson, Kelly and Wilda Carlson, Walter and Hilda Challborn, Ernest and Hulda Challborn, F erg

Chemerika, Larry and Sherian Chemerika, Sam and Mary Chemerika, William and Josephine Chorney, Nellie

Clayton Family History Cook, Russell and Ann Cooley, David and Evelyn Crawley, Pax

Curry, George

Cutter, Georgina and Curry, George

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Cutter, Jack and Isla 108
DeJersey, Roy and Edith 109
Dodman, Ken and Joanne 110
Eden, Clifford and Margaret. 110
Ehlin, Flora ll2
English Family 112
Erickson, Olaf and Effie 112
Ewasiuk, Dale 113
Ewasiuk, Peter and Gertrnde 113
Frankiw Family ll3
Furevick, Marland 114
Geletchnk, Alex and Charlene 115
Geletchnk, John and Dorothy ll5
Gillesharnmer, Olav and Karly 115
Gray, Scott and Rebecca 117
Greavett, Ken and Jackie 117
Gregorash, John and Margaret 117
Gronback, Paul and Lena. 118
Gronback, Peter and Isabella ll8
Gudbrandsen, 'Antonsen' Anton and Ragna 120
Gusdal, Arthur and Mary 120
Gusdal, Danny and Judy 121
Gusdal, Philip - The Family 121
Gustafson, Albin and Alma 122
Gustafson, Alfred and Amalia 122
Gustafson, Alvin and Josie 123
Gustafson, Bert and Gudrnn. . 124
Gustafson, John and Leona 124
Gustafson, Terence and Deborah 124
Hall, Algot and Olga 125
Hall, Allan and Sandra 126
Hall, Dale and Eileen 127
Hall, Earle and Helen 126
Hall, Gunnar (Bud) and Rita 127
Hall, Gunnar and Anna 126
Hall, Pearl 128
Hall, Wayne and Margaret 128
Halvarson, David and Emma 129
Hammell, Gordon and Margaret. 129
Haralson, Art and Anne 130
Harasemchuk (Harris) Family 130
Harrison, Harold and Agnes 130
Harrison, Sidney and Olga 131
Hengen, Michael and Dede 131
Hill, Kenneth F. l. 131
Hogeland, Maurice and Dot 131
Holm, Gerry and Jean 133
Holm, w-uer . 112
Holmberg, Edwin and Ruth 133