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All Saints Anglican Church, Clan william.


by Ethel Crawley

In 1884, the same year that the Municipality of Clanwilliam was formed, the All Saints Anglican Church was built. It was built on an acre of land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Octavius Averill on the southeast corner of their homestead, N.E. 36-16-18W.

On August 15, 1884 the church was opened and consecrated by Bishop Mackray of Rupertsland. It was built by James Lamb of Minnedosa. The Reverend Mark Jukes of Gladstone took the early services there, driving from Gladstone and inspecting all the schools on the way.

When no minister was available, Mr. Averill, as a lay reader, took services, baptisms, and funerals, while his wife played the organ for them all. The original organ is still in use. As there was no church to the north, many of the early Scandinavian settlers made use of the All Saints: some were married there and some are buried there. The old church still stands and is in good condition. The door is always open and people from all over the world sign the guest book. There will probably be a centennial service there about August 15, 1984.

For many years the well-known Canon Wharton Gill took the services there, driving from Minnedosa with a horse and buggy, then taking a service in Bethany on the way back. Canon E.A. Wharton Gill was asked to perform a wedding ceremony at the Swedish Lutheran Church at the Scandinavia Colony on July 16, 1897. (refer to Norse Wedding)

The Clergy serving until 1919 were the Reverends Mark Jukes, E.A. Wharton Gill, LaTouche Thompson, G.A. Wells, Weston Ridgeway and J.H. Thomas.

Happiness is po~sible only when one is busy. The body must toil, the mind must be occupied, and the heart must be satisfied. Those who do good as opportunity offers are sowing seed all the time, and they need not doubt the harvest.


by Lena West

From the records left by Henry Rose, local Preacher and Secretary of the Minnedosa Pastoral Charge Official Board - 1879 and was given to us by his daughter Mrs. Ed. Brown of Minnedosa.

For some time previous to 1879, Rev. Thomas Lawson had visited this part of the country and had preached at stated periods. He was stationed then at Salisbury, now Neepawa area, but in that year enough settlers had come to the Little Saskatchewan Country to warrant a full time Minister, so he was sent into the area and made his home at Rapid City.

At Clan william services were held on alternate Sundays at the home of George McKay (North) and at Cudhies (South), John Hutton's present home.

Other early Methodist preachers were: Mr. Harwick, H. Rose, John Henry and Joseph Wylies. 1888 during the ministry of Rev. J. W. Bell a comfortable frame church was built on the N.E. 12-16-18W, John Ashton Moad's farm thus uniting the two appointments of North and South Clan william in one congregation. The church was dedicated on Sunday, December 2nd, with the Rev. J. W. Bell preaching in the morning and Rev. Todd a presbyterian Minister of Minnedosa taking the service at 4:00P.M.

On Monday evening December 3rd, a tea meeting was held in the Church, at which addresses and music were given. An appeal was made for SUbscriptions (donations). About $72.00 was realized at the door. Total provision for the church was $948.00.

The following were appointed as trustees of the property - Thomas Turner, Robert Greenlaw, David Hindman, John A. Moad Sr., William Johnson, Henry Rose and John Orr. Among those helping to build the church were J. Moad, Ephriam Jury, Adolphus W. Erven, Billie Johnston plastered the interior.

During Rev. Alfred Andrew's pastorate 1893-95 it was decided to hold services at Cameron School if arrangements could be made with Clanwilliam ap-

Clan william Methodist Church.