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pointment. This was to be filled monthly by a local preacher. Such arrangements were made.

Methodist Ministers: 1900 - Rev. D. Paterson, 1901 ­ Rev. 1.W. Melvin, 1902 - Rev. H.H. Cannon, 1903 - Rev. Albertson, 1904 - Rev. Colloway, 1905 - Rev. Yearx, 1906-7 - Rev. Honor, 1908 - Rev. Nixon, 1909 - Rev. C.W. Punter, 1910-11 - Rev. Allison, 1912 - Rev. Sellors, 1913 - It was decided to move the church from Moad's field, opposite the present J. Hutton home to the Village site. Several teams of horses were used for this and L. Munro's steam engine was hired. Total cost of moving the church was $1,131.00. 1912-15 - Rev. J.J. Cowan, 1915-18 - Rev. Bygrave, 1918 - Rev. T.T. Latto.

The Methodist and Presbyterian churches joined and a larger United Church was completed in 1933 in Clan­ william.


by Lena West

The first congregation was known as the Mountain Stream Congregation with Rev. Welwood as Minister. Services were held in the homes of members.

1881, March 25 - the first annual meeting was held at the Sanderson home. The first Board of Directors consisted of; George Mackay, Ed McQuarrie, Andrew Cook, Secretary James McPherson, Thomas Walsh, Hugh Sanderson, Kenneth Murchison, Irving Reid, Samuel Gibson. The first auditors were Thomas Logan and Mr. Irvine. The first books showed a total of $41.25 collected for the year.

1884, most services were held at the home of Mr.

Farquhar McRae. Mr. McAuley was the Missionary Minister, Andrew Cook was Secretary of the Church Board.

Clan william Presbyterian Church.

On June 30, 1884, the name of the Congregation was changed from Mountain Stream to Clan william Presbyterian.

1886, a building committee was formed to build a church. Mr. McAuley was to head this committee which included George Mackay, Ed McQuarrie and James



On November 14, the land for the church was pur­ chased from the Crown by H. McPherson, Chairman of

. the Board of Managers. A log church was erected this same year on the present cemetery site. The total collections this year amounted to $103.54. The Minister's salary was $100.87.

Early Presbyterian Ministers were: 1881-82 Rev. Wellwood, 1883 Rev. W.J. Simpson, 1884-87 Rev. McAuley, Missionary supply for the summer months. Salary was $50.00 for the six months. 1887-89 Rev. Todd, income this year was $122.75, Minister's salary was $100.00, Missions $0.70. 1890 Rev. Beatty, Missionary Supply, 1891 Rev. McKinley, salary $148.85. Thirty members on communion roll. Twenty families in congregation. 1895 was the beginning of paying the Secretary-Treasurer a salary. Mr. McRae as Secretary received $10.00 per year. 1896 an organ was purchased. Donations this year were Home Missions $4.00, College Fund $4.00 and Foreign Missions $4.00. 1897 Rev. M. Sutherland, caretaker was Jack Dickie whose salary was $3.00 per year. 1898 The Board of Managers consisted of: George Mackay, James McPherson, C. Bertram, James Gordon and R. Rowatt. A.H. Dickie Secretary. 1899 - The first Annual Church Picnic was held. 1900 Rev. Herbison, April 1900 decision was made to build a new church 30' x 40' with a stone basement. Mr. Nystrom was hired at 24ยข an hour to oversee the building. He also received $5.00 for the plans. Seats were pur­ chased from a Minnedosa Church. The new structure was insured for $1,200.00. Bricks for construction came from Gladstone and the lime from Fred Averill's pit in Crocus.

The Board of Managers included W.G. Sanderson, Secretary, H. McPherson and Charles Bertram. A cemetery plot was purchased from H. McPherson for $10.00. The first auditors were P. McPherson and John McQuarrie. First collection amounted to $52.80. 1901 Rev. Peters. Mr. Francis Hay was appointed Clerk of the Session. Mr. George Burgess was ordained as ruling elder by.Moderator H. Feir. 1902-4 Rev. Millar, salary $300.00, 1904-7 Rev. Bailley. Mr. H. McPherson was appointed to caretake the cemetery. 1905 The Manse, present Nellie Zynger home, was built. The lot cost $25.00. H. Porter dug the well at a cost of $12.75. 1907 Rev. Watson, hired for six months at a salary of $8.00 per service. 1907-15 Rev. John Cowan. Rev. Cowan's charge included Cameron - salary $145.00, Murchison ­ $145.00, Rolling River $120.00 and Clanwilliam $470.00. 1909 The Church shed was erected at a cost of $134.00. 1910 Rolling River Church was dropped from this charge. 1911 John Cook was appointed Secretary­ Treasurer.

In May 1928, the Methodist church burned. The Presbyterian and Methodist churches joined and a larger United Church was completed in 1933 with Rev. H.H. Kippen as Minister.

It is in loving, not in being loved, the heart is blessed; It is in giving not in seeking gifts, we find our quest; Whatever be your longing or your need, that give; So shall your soul be Jed, and you indeed shall live.