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The Golden Jubilee of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Scandinavia was a three day celebration with services, reunions and concerts being held at both churches from September 12-14, 1941. Pastors present for this occasion were: A.A. Nelson, C.E. Cederberg, N.L. Melander, C.E. Hoffsten, Herman Anderson, L.C. Tengbom, R. Odelberg with Prof. J.O. Norrhagen as director of the concert and guest violinist.

During the 40's, the use of weekly envelopes was in­ troduced, the old church property, near the highway was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Gust Lundman, and new pews were purchased replacing the chairs which had been used previously. The Confirmation Class of 1944 numbered twenty one. In 1945 the Church purchased, from John Wickdahl, a lot (for $21(0) with a house and garage. This house served as the parsonage until 1956 when it was sold by public tender to Mr. and Mrs. C.A.V. Johnson. The pastors then used the Bethel parsonage since one pastor served both congregations.

Work continued spiritually as well as physically in the Church. In the latter part of 1948, the pulpit was lowered and raised again at a later date, and in order to hide the altar lights, the archway was also lowered. The interior received a new coat of paint and extensive renovations were made in the basement with new cupboards being installed. A request was submitted to the Town Council for a sidewalk in front of the Church and parsonage and this was done in 1950. Further improvements included the installation of an oil furnace and electric stove in 1959, thereby cutting out the big chore each winter of cutting wood for the old furnace and cook stove.

Services at the Scandinavia Church were discontinued in the late 50's and for a short time two services were held each Sunday in Erickson - one at 11:00 A.M. and the other at 8:00 P.M. At about this time, meetings were arranged with the Bethel Church Council re: federated services and these meetings resulted in the Federated Parish from 1957-1969.

Annual meetings were originally held in January, changed to November in 1943, reverted to January again in 1960 with the books closing on December 31. It was at the annual meeting in 1960 that the final reports from the Martha and Dorcas Ladies' Aids were received and the Council passed a motion "to accept the Augustana Lutheran Church Women as an organization within the church."

On a cool windy day in August 1962, Pastor Fredriksson, who was serving the Parish at the time, at age sixty one years, swam across Clear Lake and back - a total of 19 miles in 9 hours. The amazing thing about this trip was the fact that Pastor Fred had survived serious operations in the past as well as a fractured back. He attributed his recovery and good physical condition to a gift from God.

With much enthusiasm and great anticipation, plans began in 1965 for the celebrations to take place the following year. Liberal gifts of money and volunteer work of members and friends of the congregation made possible some very visible changes in the church - the pews were refinished, the floor leveled and a new covering laid, the step was repaired and painted, and several new stacking chairs were purchased. On July 30,


31, and August 1, 1966, the 75th Anniversary of the Bethlehem congregation was held at the Erickson Church. In addition to our own Pastor Ole Bruun, Dr. Anton Nelson, Pastor Oscar Johnson, Dr. Otto Olson Jr., Pastor V. Sundmark, Pastor I.H. Hohm, Rev. D. Sjoberg, Pastor Fredriksson and Pastor Bloomquist contributed to the worship services. Mr. and Mrs. P .K. Peterson of Foxwarren, Manitoba, the first couple to be married in the Erickson Church fifty years earlier, were also present for the occasion. The dedication of a memorial stone at the original site of the first Scan­ dinavia Church took place Sunday afternoon followed by a picnic on the church grounds beside the old log par­ sonage.

Also in 1966, a famed Norwegian bass singer, Odd Wannebo, thrilled his listeners when he performed at a Concert in the Erickson Collegiate Auditorium on November 6. The previous year, Mr. Wannebo had been chosen to sing the bass part in the Annual Messiah Concert in the Minneapolis Auditorium performing with a thousand voice choir and symphony orchestra under the direction of Weston Noble.

Centennial year was proclaimed with a morning prayer service followed by a fellowship breakfast. The year 1967 was rather unique in that it began and ended on a Sunday - having fifty three Sundays. On December 31, 1967 a similar service was held, with a time of thanksgiving for Canada's year 1967 and a time of prayerful guidance for the New Year.

The final service of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church was held on Sunday, October 6, 1968 - the following Sunday was Charter Membership Sunday and as a result of the merger of the Bethlehem and Bethel congregations, one hundred and fifty one persons became members of the Erickson Lutheran Church.

Erickson Lutheran Church.

The Erickson Lutheran Church became a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada on January 1, 1969.

A dream come true for Pastor and Mrs. O. Bruun on the evening of December 26, 1968, when the people of the community (church members and non members alike)