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presented the Bruuns with two return air flight tickets to Oslo, Norway. These tickets enabled the Bruun's to attend their son's wedding in Norway on January 31, and to see their beloved parents and friends again after an absence of seventeen years. The Bruuns reciprocated and treated the donors to a very special "Norway Night" in April, 1969. They showed slides of their trip and of their son's wedding. They served delicious refreshments in­ cluding a Norwegian wedding cake which is a tall cone shaped confection made with a pastry tube and decorated with icing swirls and small flags.

Our records are incomplete, but it can be assumed that such incidents have occurred within our congregations many times. Another surprise party was held in January, 1904 when the congregations of Bethania and Scan­ dinavia went to the parsonage of Rev. K. Rosenthal and presented him with "a handsome cutter."

In June, 1971, the congregation voted in favor of extensive renovations to the church. And in the fall of that year, the church with its additions were moved on to a new basement - the old site being used for a parking lot. The additions provided better facilities for Sunday School, study groups, a library, a pastor's study, as well as an enlarged entrance. Attention then focused on the parsonage-estimates were given on repairs to the building but since repairs did not seem feasible, the decision was made to construct a new parsonage on a lot purchased from Tom Chambers. The old parsonage was sold by tender to Lance Shellborn on May 29, 1977. A ready­ built house, purchased from the Brandon Co-op, was moved on to its foundation on June 23, 1977. Interior painting was done after that date by volunteer help and later that summer the Tysselands moved into their new home. The dedication of the new parsonage was held on Sunday, October 9, 1977.

It is with great pride that we can say that two of our congregation's sons have entered the ministry. On May 31, 1953 Vernon Sundmark was ordained at Kenora, Ontario, and was called to the Yorkton parish making his home at Theodore, Sask. The following year, on Palm Sunday April 11, 1954, Donald Sjoberg was ordained in his historic home church, Bethlehem Lutheran, and was called to serve in the Augustana Church, Edmonton, Alberta. We are also very proud of Dolores Hall, who was commissioned for missionary service in New Guinea in August, 1967, and has been serving in New Guinea as a missionary nurse.

We continue to progress in the various areas although there is always the constant battle against the enemies of indifference and complacency. Thank you to our present pastor, Pastor Carlyle Johnson, and all who have served us so faithfully in the past.


Pastor L.G. Almen S. Udden

Student C.A. Larson Student G. Landstrom

Organizer Confirmed first class 1885-96


Pastor B.O. Berg

Pastor K. Rosenthal Student Carl Czar Student David Knock Student Arthur Knock Student John Billdt Student Arnold Nelson Student Elmer Holt Pastor Julius Larson Student J. Arvid Vikman Pastor M.L. Melander Mr. Richard Odelberg Student Paul Anderson Student L. Tengbom Pastor Carl Larson Student K. Youngdahl Pastor George Nelson Pastor Nystuen (Supply) Student Harold Eriksson Student L. Bloomquist Pastor H. Manson

Pastor Vernon Sundmark(vp) Pastor Oscar Johnson

Pastor J. Fredriksson

Pastor O. Bruun

Pastor A. Tysseland

Pastor Carlyle Johnson

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by Mavis Johnston and Laverne Uhf


Backing every successful church is a strong active ladies' group! This can be said of the Bethlehem and Erickson Lutheran Church. The Dorcas and Martha Ladies' Aids of the two congregations worked extremely hard to help the Church financially as well as providing a social life for the community. In past years the Aids were asked for generous contributions in cash "to wipe out the deficit" or "to cover immediate needs" of the church. They could always be called upon, too, to help paint the church, the basement, the parsonage or provide coffee and cake on a moment's notice.

Not only did they help at home, but they also sent contributions to the Home for the Aged at Wetaskiwin, Alberta, to the Canadian Lutheran World Relief, as well as to District Headquarters. During the war, the Aids had a representative on the local Red Cross.

In 1943, a supplementary group, known as the Women's Missionary Society was formed being affiliated with the W.M.S. of the Synod.

These groups functioned as such until 1959 when the Dorcas and Martha Aids combined forming an accepted organization within the church known as the American Lutheran Church Women. More emphasis was placed on Bible study and the members (Church members are automatically so) were divided into smaller groups in order to study the Bible more effectively. In 1969, with the church becoming a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada, the ladies' organization became known as the Evangelical Lutheran Church