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Erickson Lutheran Church Jr. Choir - 1980. Back Row, Left to Right:

Dale Gregorash, James Brookman, Ken Tiller, Rachelle Rekken. Front Row: Alison Whitaker, Rebecca Lee, Danica Gusdal and Monica Dobroski.

Presently there is no Senior Mixed Choir but one can date it back to 1926 when it was a very active singing group under the direction of Allan Anderson, who was teaching at Erickson at that time. Kelly Carlson was an active participant in this choir as well as Viola Delgatty, who was also teaching here at the time. After her marriage to Linus Miller, Viola directed the Choir for many, many years. The Choir presented beautiful Easter Cantatas and Christmas programs as well as leading the congregational singing at the worship services. In later years Bonnie Sprott and Margaret Kay have directed a mixed choir.


In February 1894, a Sunday School was started by the Bethlehem Lutheran Church with Adolf Lundgren as the first superintendent. Teachers were Carl Olson, F.A. Hillstrand, Hilma Dorothea Johnson and Anna Anderson.

Regular S.S. classes have continued throughout the years providing spiritual training and leadership for the children of the congregation as well as for children of non-members in the community.

Faithful teachers volunteer year after year and devoted persons such as Mrs. Beda (Sjoberg) Munson, Mrs. Naslund, Mrs. C.A.V. Johnson, Mrs. Edna (Oman) Sjoberg, and Mrs. LaVerne (Peterson) Uhl served as superintendents at the Scandinavia Church. Mrs. Gust Wickdahl and Mrs. Enoch Ehlin acted in that capacity at the Otter Lake Sunday School and in Erickson the following have served as superintendent for varying numbers of years: Mrs. Anna Gusdal, Miss Pearl Landstrom, Pastor Carl Larson, Mrs. Enoch Ehlin, Mr. Dorland Burkett, Mrs. LaVerne Uhl, Mrs. Lana Bachewich and Mrs. Sharon Wickdahl.

When the Scandinavia S.S. books were closed in 1954, the money was used to buy small chairs for Erickson and


Bethlehem Lutheran Church 1st Sunday School.

the piano was moved to Erickson for Sunday School use.

For several years the Bethlehem and Bethel congregations approved of a combined Vacation Bible School and with the merger in 1967, the Sunday Schools were combined with the extra classes meeting at the Chapel. Renovations and additions to the Church in 1971 made more room available for classes but unfortunately the number of students has decreased in recent years. As of September 1982, Sunday School classes are held during the last half of the regular church service and this is proving to be successful. We pray that our faithful volunteer S.S. teachers will continue their good work in teaching God's Word through lesson and song.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church around 1915, 1st Picnic at Erickson.

Character planted in the home blossoms in the nation.