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bulletins for a time as well as making contributions toward light fixtures, March of Dimes, making dish towels, decorating the Christmas Tree, and of course carolling around town. Twice a group of "Caravaners" arrived from the U.S. to meet with the Leaguers for counselling, singing, organizational helps, and just a real fun time! Several members attended conventions at Kenora, Ontario, and Leadership Schools at various places.

Due to increasing demands on the young people, the last recorded meeting took place on December 14, 1965, and in 1967, the books and funds were turned over to the Church Council. Since then various attempts have been made to reorganize, but it has been very difficult to keep a permanent group going. We are most thankful for the years we had as an active part of our church.


Music plays a very important role in our Church and we are fortunate to have several talented groups.

The youngest and the newest singing group is the Cherub Choir which had its beginning in September, 1980. It was felt that the young children should have an opportunity to worship and praise God through song and so children aged four years to grade two were invited to form this new group. Because of the young age of these children, it is necessary for them to learn most of the songs by rote. They also learn to keep rhythm, to read notes, and they experience music appreciation. Some festivities enjoyed by these youngsters include having one 'birthday party' per year, a Christmas party, taking part in the Carol Festival, the Christmas Choir Night, and the Lions Talent Night. To end the first year, the Cherubs had a banquet for their parents and families; the second year concluded with the musical "Noah's Ark", and the third year ended on Father's Day with their singing of several selections at the morning worship services and serving refreshments after. A certificate of appreciation is given to the children each year and the grade two children are presented with a small memento and are encouraged to join the Junior Choir. The children are very faithful in attending practices and singing at the

. morning service once a month. Children that have been with the Cherubs since 1980 and including 1983 are:

Roberta and Bradley Hall, Kristy and Kory Wickdahl, Coleen and Koreen Wickdahl, Angela and Bridget Lee, Michelle Baloun, Colin and Brett Lougheed, Lanny Mcinnes, Roseadelle Mekelburg, Melissa and Stuart Lee, Laurie Gudbrandsen, Kristopher Beatty, Cindy Nylen, David and Charlene Kerr, Bernadette Warwaruk, Myranda Bachewich, James and Tracey Nylen, Lesa Kopeecnuk, Frances Baranuik, Toni and Daina Zachedniak, and Amy Mitchell. Natalie Mekelburg, Judy Mitchell, Rebecca Lee, and Viola Burkett have been instrumental in teaching and accompanying this choir.

Graduation from the Cherub Choir brings the young singers to the Junior Choir which was organized in September, 1966. Millie Stitt and Viola Burkett, director and pianist, initially took on the responsibility of training

this group. Throughout the following years, many other persons have helped Mrs. Stitt. Names such as Florence Holm, Peggy Sigurdson, Joan Lee, Bev. Lee, Wendy Paulguard, Margaret Kay, Marlenne Beatty, LeeAnne Stitt, Shirley Johnston, and Barbara Johnston deserve mention and thanks. Presently, Joan Lee and Marlenne Beatty and Bonnie Sprott serve as director and pianist. The Juniors sing at the worship service once a month, entertain at the Parkland Home, at the Sandy Lake Home, participate in the Carol Festival and also at the Christmas Choir Night at the Church. These children are treated to a Christmas Party, and a wind-up in June with a wiener roast and fun-filled games.

A Ladies Chorus was organized in 1981 with Mrs.

Sharron Price as director. Several different persons have accompanied this group but presently Lori Mackedenski is pianist. The Chorus sings at the morning service once a month as well as on other occasions. The Ladies Chorus has sponsored two successful Retreats to which various other churches are represented and the day is spent in Bible study, singing and fellowship. After a supper, a Concert is presented to the public. Plans are to have a mixed choir develop from this group.

It is difficult to put a date on the origin of the Male Chorus. From the birth of the Erickson Lutheran Church, it has been an active singing group. However, it was in existence long before this relatively new Evangelical Church emerged in Erickson. Its roots took hold when the men, who enjoyed singing, gathered together to give witness of their faith through the media of music. This was often at Luther League meetings and at worship services. The singing men have grown from a solo, a duet, a quartet to its present Male Chorus of nine men. The Male Chorus has had a special place in the Lutheran Church. At one time the men presented a spring program and this was later changed to become an annual Mother's Day Program. They also sing monthly at the morning worship service and are always willing to sing at many other functions in the church and community. Viola Burkett, director, and Val Wickdahl, pianist, are to be commended for their fine work with this group.

Erickson Lutheran Church Choir.