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Ukrainian's of the area, at a cost of $1,200.00 and was completed in 1929. The altar was built by Mr. Sylvester of Eden and the top part of the altar was built by Mr. Ridnitski from the Ozerna district. There were twenty three members and sixty youth.

The first church committee members were: Nick Koplunski, Wasyl Zwarich, Steve Semanchuk, Metro Kozak, Sam Woywada and Joseph Baraniuk.

A silver tray for coin collection was donated by Wasyl and Anne Zwarich. The first couple married at the church was Ann Zwarich to Bill Buhay in 1928 before the church was completed.

In the mid 1930's, the inside of the church was painted by Mr. John Maydoniuk of Mountain Road and Mike Makwaychuk of Minnedosa. August 28, is the an­ niversary date of when the Bishop came out to bless the new church and to give it the name of St. Mary's.

In 1953, Nufrey Baraniuk donated pews to the church.

These were purchased in Rossburn. These were later varnished by Joe Skog. Hydro was installed the same year.

In the early 1960's, the outside of the church was painted by Allen Kopeechuk and Rudy Lukianchuk.

The majority of the parishioners have since passed away or moved. The remainder now attend Sacred Heart Church in Erickson. St. Mary's church has not been used for the last three years. The church is still officially open, but there are no longer services held there.


An annual meeting of the Kerr's Lake church Scan­ dinavia congregation was held at the home of Fred Kostiw on December 22, 1950. Father Zoloty, the Parish Priest, brought up the matter of building a community hall for the use of meetings, social gatherings, dances, etc., which till then had taken place in several different homes.

Plans were made to obtain a special permit for logs from Riding Mountain National Park, and as a com­ munity project, all parishioners took part in the cutting, hauling and sawing the logs into lumber. Most members contributed a total of forty eight days to the project.

Mike Baraniuk donated an acre of land on which to build the hall. The building was to be 32' x 50'. It was decided to hold picnics, dances, pie socials and a shoe social to raise cash funds for nails, cement, windows, shingles, imitation brick siding, etc. A number of cash donations were also received. The hall was built under the supervision of Frank Woywada and Gibb Yakiwchuk, with Eli Kostenchuk of Mountain Road as carpenter.

The building of the hall commenced July 3rd, 1952.

The grand opening of the hall was held on July 12, 1953 witha picnic, ribbon cutting ceremony, dinner and a dance.

As far as records show total cost of building the hall was $1,546.86. Total raised for the building of the hall was $1,584.09 with a total of $37.23 left over after all the expenses were paid.

The expense included permits for holding dances,


weddings, etc., insurance, stove, chimney, dishes, cutlery, pots, and the installation of the hydro and wiring.

All minutes of meetings are in Ukrainian and were translated by Nellie Woloshen.


Although Erickson is one of the older settlements in this part of Manitoba, the Catholics of the Erickson district were not numerous enough and also in no financial position to have a church of their own in their midst until the late thirties. Formerly, they were assisting at St. Anthony's Church, sometimes called Jackfish Roman Catholic Church P.O. Rackham, Man. This was a long way to go for mass.

The first St. Judes Roman Catholic Church.

Prayer - the pause that refreshes.