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Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.

First baptism was of Melvin Michalchuk, son of Steve and Olga (Syntak) on June 5, 1954, first marriage was May 28, 1955 of Onufrey Zariwney Sr. and Maria Derkach and on the second of July 26, 1955 Jean Slobodian and Bill Michalchuk, first funeral was on September 12, 1954 of Roman Shindruk (forty three years old).

The cemetery was acquired by donation of land by Peter Slobodian in June, 1958 and an extra half acre donated in 1982 for which legal fees alone to the lawyer were $440.00.

Mr. and Mrs. Onufrey Baraniuk generously donated the chime bells on August 31, 1959 value of $1,300.00 and house for parish residence on July 27, 1963 value of $1,200.00.

The three crosses that adorn the top of the church were made and donated by Frank Morris, and in the interior the woodwork and pillars were handmade by him. Inside was artistically painted November to January 1975 by Theodore Baren for $6,000.00.

To celebrate the church's 25th anniversary, a mission by Fr. V. Peduelny was held the week of September 23, - 30, 1979 with a multitude of people attending.

The executive for 1983 are Harry Bachewich President, Bill Moskaluk Vice-President, Lome Mackedenski Treasurer, Stanley Byskal Secretary, auditors Peter Slobodian and Steve Koroscil.

Priests serving this area were M. Gregorychuk 1934-

1949, N. Siry 1949-1950, J. Iwanchuk 1950-1951, M. Ferem 1952-1956, J. Mak 1956-1960, V. Luchkiw 1960- 1965, S. Kulak 1965-1967, R. Zakrewsky 1968-1969, D. Stefaniuk 1969-1971, S. Kulak 1971 to the present time.


On June 18, 1952 at the home of Mary Rebenchuk, the Sacred Heart Ladies Aid was formed. The first executive were Mamie Slobodian, President, Ann Rebenchuk, Vice-President, Christine Slobodian, Secretary, Katie Morris Treasurer. Charter members were above plus Ann Slobodian, Mary Iwanyshyn, Nellie Slobodian, Mary Rebenchuk, Mary Byskal, Emily Biluk, Tekla Oleniuk and Mary Moroz. The ladies have been very active, contributing money to finish interior for pews, rugs, and two years ago renovating basement.

Money was raised by catering, serving at various functions, hobo teas and whist drives. On May 16, 1962, the Aid joined the Ukrainian Catholic Women's League and operated under the same since.

This year to celebrate their 20th anniversary (30th since Aid formed), on September 17, 1982, they hosted the Regional Convention of U.C.W.L. when seventy four delegates signed the guest book.

Realizing the need of the youth for spiritual guidance, catechism classes were organized and catechism taught every Sunday for the past three years with the aid of the league in supplying books and other needs.

Executive for 1983 are Katie Morris President, Mamie Slobodian Secretary, Leona Mackedenski Treasurer, Sonia Moskaluk 1st Vice, Kay Kopeechuk 2nd Vice.


by Wilfred McKay

The St. Joseph Church is located on the southwest corner of S.W. 19-17-18W in the Rural Municipality of Clan william , adjacent to the east boundary of the Rolling River Reserve.

The first missionary to serve the Roman Catholic Religion within the Rolling River Indian Reserve was Reverend Joseph Charemont O.M.1. who died in 1932. followed by Reverend Maurice DeBritagne who served for two years. These missionaries usually arrived on foot at least once a month or whenever they could come from Sandy Bay and Winnipeg.

Reverend Joseph Paulette O.M.1. from Birtle took over for three years, the O.M.1. standing for, "Order of Oblates of Mary Immaculate". No one knows for sure when the St. Joseph Church was built but from a letter found written by Rev. Paulette, he presumed it was built sometime in 1938. The letter was written on February 21, 1952. The church was erected by Rev. Charles Comeau O.M.1. with the help of members from the reserve namely: Alex McKay, Pete McKay, Wilfred McKay, Louis Amyotte and Lawrence Allerie. The chapel is a frame building being about 20 x 30 completely built on