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St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church.


Rev. Charles Comeau O.M.I. could not at the time obtain consent from the Indian Band to have it built within the reserve. All articles including vestments for services, candles, etc. were donated by the Catholic Extension Society of Toronto, the R.R. Sisters of St. Joseph's in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec and Sandy Bay Residential School. At the time Rev. Comeau was a member of the Sandy Bay Residential School Staff and was holding Mass for the Indians at Rolling River, Elphinstone and Rossburn.

In 1942-46 and again in 1957-65, Father Francois Paradis from Duck Bay carne around at least once a month. Between '46-'57 Father Paulette was back again. After 1965, Father Romeo Beaulieu carne from Birtle almost every Sunday until 1970. Then for three years Father Dennis Bourbonnais O.M.I. was performing mass for the members. He performed the marriage ceremony for the present chief, Dennis Whitebird. Father Guy Lavalle O.M.1. visited the homes in 1975 and by then the parishioners were attending mass in St. Jude's Roman Catholic Church in the Village of Erickson, and the St. Joseph Church remains closed.

It is very strange that rain on Sunday Seems so much wetter than on Monday; And weekday pains that we ignore

On Sunday's seem to hurt much more. "Till we decide to stay in bed,

When we should go to church instead".


St. Joseph Catholic Church Confirmation Class. 1952. Back Row. Left to Right: Fr. Paulette, Agnes Mcicay, Bishop Popecack, Alice McKay. Front Row: Matthew McKay. Linda McKay, Cecilia and Fred McKay.

First Wedding in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Erickson : 1917, P.K. Peterson and Minnie Bergeson.

God pity him who lives for self­ That one who does not share. The griefs and joys of other men, That one who does not care.