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vas the first teacher and the next year he taught in Scandinavia.

The minutes of the first school meetings are very brief. <\t the first one, at which L. Odell acted as chairman, a manimous vote was cast in favour of the forming of a lew school district for T. 18, R. 18 and T. 18, R. 19. A .econd meeting elected L. Odell, J. Tales and o. Stone as :rustees, E. Hodgson as secretary-treasurer, and S. Wetteland, J. Edwardson, and L. Odell as auditors. A :hird meeting was held for the purpose of voting on a .chool site. A unanimous vote approved the purchase of me acre of land from J. Tales, on SE 20-18-18W, on condition that if the schoolhouse be removed, the

Tales School No. 721.

oroperty would again become his. The school was given lis name, the first settler in the district. A log building olastered with lime and sand was erected in the southeast corner of the yard. For many years school opened in April and closed in November. Sometimes the term was ess as some teachers are recorded as having a non­ orofessional, second class certificate with six weeks :raining. When their permits expired so did the school :erm. Some used this summer period as an opportunity to earn money for their university studies. The first government grant was for $65.00. In June, 1894, the :rustees met and decided that they would require $300.00 :0 operate the school for the coming term. The following April showed a balance on hand of $6.96, so those pioneers figured costs closely. The Secretary-Treasurer .eceived $10.00 for his services.

By 1911, a new building was needed. A municipal by­ law authorized the borrowing upon credit of the said [ales School District of the sum of $2000.00 and the .ssuing of debentures thereof for the purpose of building 1 new school. This was signed Walter Mann, Secretary, R.M. of Clanwilliam. Mr. A. Rognan was granted the .ender for the construction of a frame building for the

Tales School pupils - 1906. Top: Nell Rae Teacher. Back Row, Left to Right: Paul Gronback, Carrie Lee, Gerda Wickstrom, Bernard Wetteland, Jonas (John) Hall. Middle Row: Adolph Hjelmeland, Thomas Wetteland, Annie Wickstrom, Euphemia Stone, Severin Wetteland, Nellie Hall. Front Row: Cora Lee, Joe Stone, Vivian Wickstrom, Anna Berg, Selma Wetteland, Robert Hjelmeland.

Tales School- 1912. The first pupils in the new school. Teacher Henny Neilsen (in door way). Back Row, Left to Right: Andy Garreau, Marvin Gusdal, Sigvald Paulsen, Sylvie Gusdal, Anna Paulsen. Centre: Clara Moline, Bertha Gusdal, Cora Lee, Anna Berg. Front Row: Joe Stone, Sam Moline, Sigurd Berg, Stanley Stone, Harold Peterson, Paul Paulsen, Arthur Gusdal.

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