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Tales School pupils - 1942. Teacher Emma Carlson. Back Row, Left to Right: Leonard Gusdal, Marjorie Metcalfe, Anne Gronback, Phyllis Wetteland, Keith Berg wall. Second Row: Donald Berg wall, Ellen Ranes, Gladys Stone, Kay Thompson, Harold Metcalfe. Third Row:

Roy Berg, Irvin Strand, Delmar Gusdal, Ronald Anderson, Lawrence Wetteland. Front Row: Julian Kowalik, Shirley Wetteland, Norma Gusdal, Evelyn Gusdal and Orville Berg.

What a busy place that schoolyard has been! When the melting snow in spring would bare grassy patches here and there, the children sat on blocks of wood and played knife. Other between season games were Prisoner's Base, Pump, Pump Pull Away, Three Deep, the inevitable tag as well as musical circle games. Somehow that yard has shrunk now. The barn which seemed so far from the school, wherein Toby and Frank, Bluss (Blaze - there had to be one horse who understood Norwegian) and little grey Fred munched hay and waited for four o'clock, is now just a small building tucked into one corner of the yard.

At one time or another practically every family in the district had members take their turn as school trustees. Therefore this long list is not included in this story. Hopefully they appear in the family histories. However, we salute these willing people and thank them for their efforts for the good of the school.

After over seventy years in operation, Tales School along with numerous others was at last overtaken by progress and new educational systems. It is now just part of the treasury of childhood memories.

Granite may crumble, wind and water destroy, Urn, shaft or word may perish and decay;

But this shall last forever and a day -

A living monument --------- a youth!


Pupils of Tales School prior to 1900.

First Register - 1893.

Jane Tales

Ann Tales

Olaf Odell

Christina Wetteland Theodora Wetteland Sophia Wetteland Annie Holmstrom August Holmstrom

Alec Holmstrom Hilma Holmstrom Christian Olson Gerhard Stone Annie Nelson Bertha Krog Johanna Krog

New Enrollments - 1894-1899.

Fred Wetteland Oscar Olson

Anna Hanson Charlie Holmstrom Elvina Moller Laurina Moller Gustav Olson Gustava Olson

Agnes Holmstrom Albert Ramgren Bernard Wetteland Olaf Erickson Fred Skog

Edward Skog JoeSkog

George Holmstrom

Last Register - 1962-1963.

Dwain Wetteland Charlene Brewer Ronald Metcalfe Helen Breaton Gordon Breaton

Rodney Wetteland Carol Metcalfe Chris Wetteland Loretta Breaton Frances Breaton

Teachers of Tales School- 1893-1963.

Duncan Matheson R. Davies

G.M. Robertson J.c. McArthur Maxwell Wallace Malcolm Campbell L. Robertson H.E.A. Bewell H.S. Sharpe

A.K. Cates

Sara Hanson

Nell Raye

A.K. Cameron W.B. Singleton Millicent Ducklow Olive Frazer

Anna McDougall Henry Neilson Clara Nelson

Leah Zinger Bertha Cohen

Miss Tesley

Nettie Blough

Mrs. N. Wood Evelyn Aikenhead Cora Lee

Fanny Rusoff Viola McPherson Grace Frame Elizabeth Craig Ethel P. Miller Miss Balfour Isabelle Lee Laura Patterson T. Coutts

Dora Patterson Leonard Neva A.J. Dickson Emma Carlson Mamie Challborn Phyllis Rushton V. Hamilton

T. Prefontaine A.W. Shalay Verna Hood Norma Mack

M. Woychyshyn D.W. Smith

F.C. Larwood Mary Gusdal

Leona Mackedenski


by Amy Peterson

The Hilltop School District No. 801 was organized in 1894. The first chairman was Peter Walstrom and the first Secretary Treasurer was Andrew Edwardson.

In order to raise money to build a school, there were ten debentures sold at $20 each, with interest at 6070. The school was built of logs and measured 18 x 24 ft. Each