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ratepayer was to donate and deliver four finished logs to a one-acre site on the NE 1/4 24-17 -18W. Anyone who refused to bring logs to the school site, before the aforesaid time, had to pay five cents per lineal foot. The building was erected by volunteer labor, and with fur­ nishings, cost $160.35.

The Hilltop School was in continuous use from 1895- 1967. The records show, that in 1909, the log school was covered with tin. The same school building was used until the new school was built in 1937.

The first teacher at the Hilltop School was Mr. James Ellis, who had 22 pupils. His salary was $35 per month. The teachers who followed him were:

Salary: $750 per year

to $40 per month

1937 G. Bertha Danielson Salary: $450 per year
1938 Marjorie Crerar 37 pupils Salary: $450 per year
1938 Edith M. Miller Salary: $500 per year
1939 Gladys McIntyre 33 pupils Salary: $500 per year
1940 Catherine Makepeace Salary: $550 per year
1941 Muriel Anderson 34 pupils Salary: $600 per year
1942 Doris Gronback Salary: $700 per year
1943 Rita McIntyre Salary: $800 per year

1944 Elizabeth Pargeter and Florence Hillstrand

1945 Mary Malyna 32 pupils Salary: $850 per year
1946 Lawrence Budz 22 pupils Salary: $950 per year

1947 Iona Post and Margaret Hillstrand 1948 Audrey May

1950 Phyllis Clink

1951 Catherine Carmichael 1952 Evelyn Hofdahl

1953 Edith Carmichael

1954 Marina McCollough 1955-1957 Glen Young

1906 Georgina Gilmore 1907 Nelson Grant 1908 Paul Bardal

1909 Irene Black, Minnedosa 1910 Irene Black 1912 Daisy Churchill

1913-1916 Cora Crossman

1917 Mabel Christopherson 1918 Janie Irwin

1919 Mabel Hainstock 1920 M.M. Halpenny 1921 M.E. Ferguson 1922 W.E. McIntyre 1923 Rose Leavsky 1924-1926 Annie Carlson

1927 Cecelia Johnson 1928 Pearl Hazelwood 1930-1936 Margaret Wey

1958-1960 Marion Usick 1960-1967 Phylis Maduke

28 pupils 21 pupils 27 pupils Grs.I-4 26 pupils

Salary: $45 per month Salary: $50 per month

24 pupils Grs.I-5 22,27,24

and 22 pupils

17 pupils Salary: $60 per month

12 pupils

17 pupils

15 pupils

13 pupils

17 pupils 17, 20 and 29 pupils

23 pupils

28 pupils 28-31 pupils

Salary: $800 per year Salary in 1926: $750

Salary: $1000 per year Salary: $1100 per year

22-24 pupils

Salary: $1300 per year Salary: $2300 to $2700 per year Salary: $2850 per year

21 pupils 21-26 pupils

School Board members at various times were:

1910 Charles Hill, Erick Nystrom and John Ramgren. Secretary-Treasurer was Andrew Edwardson.
1915 Otto Peterson and Peter E. Larson with Frank Hillstrand as Secretary-Treasurer.
1924 Albert Nystrom, Hjalmar Korberg, Olaf Olson and Frank Hillstrand as Secretary­ Treasurer.

Gust Lundman was acting as Secretary­ Treasurer.

1930 and 1934

1937 Frank Hillstrand was Secretary-Treasurer.
1948 Robert Johnson acted as Secretary-Treasurer.

On August 6, 1928 the following school board was


Trustees: Knut Peterson and Gust Lundman. Secretary-Treasurer: Frank Hillstrand Chairman: Otto Peterson.

Bessie Walsh of Winnipeg was hired as teacher for the term beginning in September at a salary of $750. Miss Walsh resigned her position for health reasons and Pearl Hazelwood completed the term, and also stayed on another year.

Arne Hillstrand looked after the caretaking duties for one term; his wages being $18. Poplar cordwood was used to fire the heater in the school. The price of wood at that time was $3.25 per cord.

A ratepayers meeting was held on July 20, 1931, when it was decided to authorize the trustees to levy two mills to the dollar as a building fund, which at that time amounted to $55 per year. A motion was made by Emil Larson and Knut Peterson to engage Miss Margaret Wey of Neepawa, as teacher for a salary of $63.75 per month.


Hilltop School No. 801.

Ours seems to be the only Nation on earth that asks its teenagers what to do about World affairs and tells its golden agers to go out and play.