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be turned over to Erickson School District No. 2405.

Trustees from 1949 to 1967 were: Fred Sillen, Mrs.

Margaret Hillstrand, Mrs. Erven Kopeechuk, Mrs. Walter Peterson, Robert Johnson, Mrs. Astrid Johnson, Roger Larson, John Korberg, Harry Korberg, Jim Speer, Clifford Lundman.

One of the special events at the Hilltop School through the years was the annual Christmas Concert, with all the pupils taking part. It was usually well attended by parents, friends, and visitors from neighbouring com­ munities. At the close of the program, Santa would arrive and distribute gifts, candy bags, oranges and apples to the children, after which lunch was served by the mothers of the Community Club.

In 1953, the children attended the Coronation celebration for Queen Elizabeth II, in Erickson, and each child was presented with a Coronation mug. Hilltop School also attended Field Day at different locations. On May 21, 1954, it was held at Sportsman's Park, where the children took part in various competitions and games. At the June 17, 1966 Hilltop School Meeting, the board decided to hold the annual picnic at the Hilltop School on June 28, 1966. An insert was put into the Erickson News and The Minnedosa Tribune, that all former students, parents and teachers be invited to attend. All attending were asked to bring lunch. Dishes, soft drinks, ice-cream and coffee were supplied by the school.

Hilltop School No. 801. Teacher Mr. D. Cameron. Back Row, Left to Right: Esther Gunnarson, Annie Ramgren. Middle Row: Eddie Nystrom, Minnie Magnell, Albin Olson, Jennie Ostrom, Hilma Ultberg, Christina Gunnarson, Ada Gunnarson, Mary Nyquist, Mary Olsen. Front Row (Sitting): Roy Shellborn, Charlie Ramgren, Walter Magnell.

Worry is today's mouse eating tomorrow's cheese.

Hilltop School No. 801 - year 1924. From Left to Right Zig-Zag: Milton Nystrom, Linnea Olson, Harry Korberg, Einer Nystrom, Anna Nyquist, Miss Leavsky (teacher), Mildred Korberg, Margaret Nystrom, Hilma Nyquist, Ivy Nyquist, Elmer Larson, Olga Oberg, Millard Larson, Gladys Armstrong.

Hilltop School Photo, 1935. Back Row, Left to Right: Oscar Skoglund, Douglas Fredrickson, Myra Allan, Lillie Nyquist, Thelma Landman, Einer Lundman, Bennie Thompson, Johnnie Korberg. Second Row:

Rose Nystrom, Florence Hillstrand, Lennart Lundman, Vivian Skoglund, Florence Boyko, Credo Erickson, Edna Larson, Lawrence Larson. Front Row: Christine Boyko, Lane Allan, Beatrice Lundman.


The story of Norland is closely linked with Scandinavia as it was the "north land" of the Municipality. As early as 1899, there was a movement begun for the formation of a new school district in the northeast part of the Scandinavian colony. It was not until 1901 that the municipality passed a by-law forming the Norland School District. Unfortunately, the first records were lost by fire but from 1902 reports that first trustees were J .M. Sillen, A. Bergwall and A. Logfren. John Carlson was secretary-treasurer for many years. Another early trustee was Ludwig Johnson.