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Hilltop School No. 801 - year 1898. Back Row, Left to Right: Albert Ramgren, Ernest VI/berg, Mannie Ramgren, Annie Booth, Ida Hakanson, Freda Ostrom, Emma Koping. Third Row: Freda Sundmark, Helen Erickson (Mrs. Bob Preston), Anna Koping, Elje Wal/strom, John Booth, Fred Ostrom, Arvid VI/berg, Herman Armstrong. Second Row: Hulda Freeman, Ellen VI/berg, Victor Sundmark, John Ostrom, Emil Larson, Victor Sjogren, Oscar Bernardson. First Row: Mary Booth, Tekla Nystrom, Beda Ramgren, Annie Erickson, Hannah Larson. Teacher - John McQuarrie.

This was later reduced to $55 per month, and in 1933 to $40 per month. She was also paid 20~ per day for making fires in the school once the weather turned cold. Miss Wey resigned her position in 1936 and Miss Bertha Danielson was hired at a salary of $45 per month. The highlight of this term was the Coronation of King George VI, with celebrations being held in Minnedosa. The Hilltop School children attended and were recognized for their banner and costumes.

A special ratepayers meeting was called on June 17, 1937, to discuss the matter of building a new school, with basement. A building committee was appointed to work with the school board. The basement was dug by John Purves for the sum of $50. A tender from William Wyley of Minnedosa for $2285 was accepted for building the school which was completed by November 1, 1937. The old schoolhouse was sold to Harry Skoglund for the sum of $100. Bertha Danielson resigned after a one year term.

Frank Hillstrand was Secretary-Treasurer during these years and the following trustees served on the School Board: Axel Nyquist, Mac Wark, Edwin Peterson, Hjalmar Korberg, Clifford Hillstrand, Robert Johnson, Albert Peterson, Robert Nystrom and Joe Johnson.


From 1937 to 1945 teachers' salaries were raised from $450 to $825 per year. The school was wired for elec­ tricity in 1950. In 1953 the School Board advertised for a teacher at $230 per month. In 1958 a radio was bought for the school. Teachers' salaries were increased from $270 in 1957 to $360 in 1967. A new oil furnace was installed in 1960. New tile was put on the floor in 1963 at a cost of $312. A Red Ensign flag was purchased in 1964.

A meeting was held regarding consolidation, a vote was taken, and the majority voted for consolidation. Erickson School District, with the Hilltop School decided on a bus route for taking the children to Erickson. Items from Hilltop to be turned over to Erickson were: all library books, globe, desks, radio and sporting equip­ ment. The schoolhouse, property, piano and any remaining furnishings to be turned over to the Hilltop Community Centre for the sum of one dollar.

On January 20, 1967, the meeting of Hilltop School District was held. It was moved by Peter Zwarich and seconded by Roger Larson that all registers from 1895 be turned over to Erickson School District No. 2401; Hilltop School District No. 801 to be disbanded January 1, 1967. All money in the bank and any future grants were also to