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Erickson Elementary School No. 2405.

Ewashko, and J .M. Lee. At this meeting, transportation for pupils and Grade I and II living over a mile from the school was organized.

The year 1962 saw an improvement in the facilities of the school. At a cost of $3,240.00 plus $1,398.65 for trenching and piping waterworks were installed.

At a meeting in September of that year the teacherage was sold to Mrs. Edna Allen for $6,000.

The new Elementary School was in the planning stage for many years. In 1965, the Erickson School Board borrowed $116,000 by loan and debenture to finance a new school. The present school was built on the same grounds but facing Main Street, at a cost of $180,000. Trustees at that time were: Sid Waldron, Anne Johnson, Harold Stitt, John Ewashko, Emil Shellborn, J.M. Lee and Steve Synchyshyn.

The school has eight classrooms and a large auditorium with kitchen facilities, also dressing rooms, offices, a staff lounge, and storage space. It was first used in the fall of 1966, and the official opening was held in November of that year. At that time there were 320 pupils enrolled in grades K to VIII; and 14 teachers were em­ ployed. The staff included: Mary Gusdal, Phyllis Maduke, Wilhelmina Kartanson, Roxie Robinson, Lillian Monroe, Joan Buckingham, Peggy Anderson, Allan Tokaryk, Edith Holden, Wayne Copeland, Carol Oman, Lome Mackedenski and Wally Yanchycki.

The Clear Creek School was moved from Crawford Park to Erickson in 1968 and used as a classroom. It has since been renovated and now is occupied by the kin­ dergarten class.

An important innovation took place in 1968. Erickson Elementary School was the first school in Manitoba to introduce a concept of parent-teacher interviews and was featured on CKDM Radio - Dauphin that fall. The pupils were permitted to stay home one day and interviews between parents and teachers were scheduled every fifteen minutes. The three main objectives of these conferences were: to explain the changing curriculum, to discuss each pupil's progress, and to arrange for follow­ up wherever necessary. This program was a remarkable success and is continued today in a similar form.

In 1968, the Elementary School came under the supervision of the Rolling River Division No. 39 with Keith Cooper as superintendent. The last meeting of the Erickson School Board was held on January 29, 1968. The board at that time consisted of Emil Shell born, Harold Stitt, Steve Synchyshyn, Leslie Mcinnes, John Lee, Anne Johnson, and John Ewashko (chairman). At this meeting, a motion was passed thanking the Erickson Women's Institute for its support in sponsoring the "Home and School" meetings. The board also sent a recommendation to the Division Board "that (1) the auditorium be available for all functions pertaining to the