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Erickson Public School.

classes and for games at recess. Some pupils of that day may remember a time when an enthusiastic teacher was playing basketball with her pupils. After a particularly high leap, she went through the floor and through the ceiling of the classroom below.

Mr. Allan Anderson who had come to Erickson as a teacher became the principal to teach grades 9, 10 and 11

- a position he held until 1929. .

Teachers for the year 1928-29 were:

Mary Merrell

Ann Carlson Florence Pedersen A.A. Anderson

grades 1&2 grades 3, 4 & 5 grades 6, 7, & 8 grades 9,10& II

Salary $80 a month

$80a month $80amonth $150amonth

School board members were:

C.A. Haralson (Chairman) C.A. Hill

H. Ostrom

P .K. Peterson (secretary

In 1927, a very effective landscaping program was co­ ordinated by Claus Haralson. Native spruce were alternated with poplar nurse-trees. Many of these spruce continue to provide a beautiful background for the schoolyard.

In 1927 also, the fourth classroom was completed to supply the needs of the growing population.


During the 1930's, money was scarce and government assistance was not available. Some years it was not possible to open the school as early as usual. One year there were only sufficient funds at the opening of the fall term to carryon for three months. Teachers salaries were reduced to $40 a month with $100 being paid to the principal.

There is a record of 200 cords of wood being purchased at $1.75 to $2.00 a cord from eleven different tenders.

In 1940 Grade XII was added to the curriculum. The school principal was Leslie I. Spear. Students in this grade XII class were: Beatrice Freko, Lenore Gusdal, Ethel Neilson, and Muriel Brugger. Hector Stewart was the assistant principal. Wilda Anderson and Beth Copley completed the teaching staff.


By 1947 school enrollment had again increased and it was necessary to rent additional space. The Small Legion Hall on Main Street.


School business went forward with few changes in the fifties.

In the fall of 1951 the staff consisted of: Nedia Stechkewich, Elizabeth Pederson, Dennis Clym, Mrs. E.A. Morgan, Ben Hanuschuk and A.D. Morgan.

The school board that year was: Ethel Neilsen, J.W.

Cutter, Peter Craig, D.E. Johnson and C. V. Carlson.

After much community discussion two new rooms were built. The school then consisted of six classrooms, a science lab and an auditorium in the basement as well as a new heating system.

Community involvement with the school is shown by the participation of many organizations with the school board in the purchase of a movie projector; and by the formation of a Home & School Association with a different group sponsoring a meeting each month. A third example would be the joint sponsorship by the Women's Institute and the school board of a dental clinic.

In the summer of 1956 the school board purchased "The BennyJohnson house" now the Rumak home to be used as a teacherage. Mr. N. Yarish was the first prin­ cipal to occupy it at a cost of $32 a month.

Many will remember the nostalgia the presentation of a three-act play "Lilacs in the Rain" by the students of E.C.I. in 1956. Yvonne Copps was the director and the actors included: Leigh McInnes, Harvey Anderson, Madeline Knight, Judy Gusdal, Gloria Knight, Bonnie Tompsett, Elgin Hall, Dolores Hall, Craig Lee and Vernon Johnson.

In the fall of 1959, a program of integration of the native peoples was introduced. The pupils of grade V to grade VIII from Rolling River Reserve were brought into the school system. Two years later the reserve school was closed. Since that time, the children from the reserve have formed an integral part of the Erickson school system.


The sixties were significant because of the increase in enrolment and the many changes that this necessitated. Most of the increase was due to the consolidation of a number of school districts with Erickson. On January 1, 1962, the Consolidated School District of Erickson No. 2405 came into being with the union of Round Lake and Erickson Districts. The following year Rackham and Westmount schools became a part of this consolidation. In 1965, Crocus Hill, Lakelet, Lund, Nedrob, Norland, Otter Lake and Tales joined. Two years later with the addition of Hilltop and Scandinavia the consolidation reached its present size.

The organizational meeting of the Consolidated board was held on January 6, 1962. The board members were:

Nancy Sirett, Mamie Slobodian, Sid Waldron, John