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Erickson High School students. Left to Right: Lilly North, Clarence Johnson, Rudolph Paulsen, Harvey Johnson, Clarence Haralson and Edith Doner.

Erickson School - Class of 1921. Left to Right: Frank Lithander, Clifford Carlson, Peter Oleniuk, Arthur Bergeson, Rose Oleniuk, Thora Bergeson, Ethel Carlson, Lily Bergwall, Olga Paulsen, Elsie Harrison.

Grade Vll and Vlll, 1928-29. Back Row, Left to Right: Richard Paulsen, Herb Johnson, Claude Waterton, Florence Peterson Teacher, Bill Anderson, Harry Korberg. Second Row: Alice Johnson, Vivian Armstrong, Rose Corney. Third Row: Lillian Johnson, Ann Hill, Risie Forsman, Sylvia Olson. Front Row: Lil Doner, and Olive Johnson.

Arbor Day - 1927. Back Row, Left to Right: Herb Johnson, Harold Paulsen, Eric Harrison, Jean McMorran Teacher, Elmer Halvarson, Albin Anderson, Merril Lee. Middle Row: Charlie Harrison, Bill Anderson, Elmer Sundmark, Unidentified, Claus Lingren, Front Row:

David Ogroskin, Ono Neupert, Barney Berkowski, and Moran Neupert.

Picture on Left, 1934-35. Stan McGill, Teacher. Standing, Left to Right: Eva Armstrong, Margaret Gusdal, Ina Newport, Edith Hill, Gladys Wickstrom, Sedora Wickstrom, Wanda Berkowski, Aileen Hemmingson, Stella Paulsen, Effie McKinnon, Nora Berkowski. Seated: Sid Renton, Wallace Lee, Gordon Freko, Hugo Newpert, Douglas Brekke, Fred Wickstrom, Bob Rutledge, and Antony Rudniski.