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Grades VI, Vll and Vlll, 1927-28. Back Row, Left to Right: Merril Lee, Albin Anderson, Harold Paulsen, Elmer Halvarson, Ethel Anderson, Herbert Johnson. Second Row: Lil Doner seated, Martha Lee, Sadie Doner, Conrad Halvarson, Gladys Armstrong, Betty Biczo. Third Row: Richard Paulsen, Elmer Sundmark, Ragnar Bergeson, Vivian Armstrong, Alice Johnson, Risie Forsman, Sylvia Olson, Lillian Johnson, Olive Johnson, Anne Hill sitting, and Viola Delgatty, teacher.

Grade tt, III and IV, 1939-40. Back Row, Left to Right: Orville Erickson, Melvin Hofdahl, Sidney Karton, Kenneth Mckay, Lloyd Holmberg, Russell Bergstrom, Wilbert Jacobson, Earl Ramgren. Second Row: Ethelmae Hanson, Angela Wickdahl, Wilma Wickdahl, Hilda Tytgat, Ada Nystrom, Olive Hofdahl, Gertrude Stovin, Geraldine Harrison. Third Row: Lawrence Burkett, Merril Gusdal, Lloyd North, Henry Wickdahl, Gerald Harrison, Morgan Carlson, Reginald Hanson, Ivar Halvarson. Front Row: Norma Stovin, Dorothy Burkett, Effie Wanzel, Eva Freko, Verna Erickson, Joyce Burkett, Vera Johnson, Fay Gusdal. Missing: Florence Simpson, Eleanor Stitt, Wilda Anderson, Teacher.

A smile costs nothing but gives much,

It cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen; For it is something that is of no value to anyone, Until it is given away.


Grade VI, Vll and VIll with Airplane Valentine Box - 1938. Standing, Left to Right: Jack O'Leary, Alice Sundmark, Esther Harrison, Juanita Sjovold, Hughena McKinnon, Doris Jacobson, Gladys Bruce, Elvera Olson, Dora Karton, Doris Chaple, Kily Bergstrom, Doris Ramgren, Elvera Hill, Letty Nystrom, Oliver Grenon, Lorna Halvarson, Margaret Erickson, Clarence Armstrong, Margot Kaskawal, Stella Berkowski, Eunice Magnell, Jack Simpson, Colin Bruce, Willard Anderson, Monica Anderson Teacher. Front Row: Unidentified, Edward Wonsul, Doug Renton, Bill McKay, Morris Brekke, Maurice Nielson, Joe Wonsul and Ken Swanson.

Some Girls of Elsie Hall's Class, 1938-39. Left to Right: Phyllis Rushton, Doreen Forsberg, Joyce Brekke, Doris Ramgren, Mildred Rushton, and Frances Berkowski kneeling.

Erickson School Staff, 1951-52. Back Row, Left to Right: Martin Stamler, Glen Stewart, Mel Gunson, Alice Shultz. Front row: Alice Shultz, Shirley Cormack, and Shirley Livingstone.