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Page Index of Forest to Field Volume One

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Grade V, 1965-66. Back Row, Left to Right: Linda Woychyshyn, Edith Waldron, Theresa McKay, Mitchell Freko, Bernice Shannacappo, Hilda McKay, Terry Gustafson, Greg Yakiwchuk, Donny Brazeau, Robert Parrot, Wally Yanchycki, Teacher. Middle Row: Larry Ogibowski, Craig Turchinski, Wayne Slobodian, Grant Warrener, Chris Wetteland, Brent Whitlaw, Don Graham, Carol Ewashko, Ron Stitt, Joe Frankiw, Randy Dmyterko, Raymond Holmberg. Front Row: Brenda Jacobson, Elaine Hill, Iris Ivanyshyn, Evelyne Erickson, Theresa Frankiw, Cathy Morriseau, Karen Challborn and Victoria Surovy.

Grade V, 1966-67. Back Row, Left to Right: James Fisher, Brian Mutter, Leonard Surovy, Jerry Zachedniak, Eileen Clayton, Brian Coey, Ivy Challborn, Theodor Rebenchuk, Gary MacDonald, Darcy Parrott, Nestor Soroka, Wally Yanchycki, Teacher. Centre Row: Dwight Ullberg, Louise Oman, John Vanderhulst, Wilfred Tettepasse, George Shannacappo, Judy Whitlow, Richard Gaywish, Marilyn Byskal, Hazel Bishop. Front Row:

Laurie Mcinnes, Janice Berkowski, Judith Kingdon, Lorette Breton, Myrna Erickson, Vivian Sawisky, Donna Morris, Evelyn Zatylny, and Darlene Waksdale.