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Grade V, 1976-77. Back Row, Left to Right: Walter French, Chris Ewashko, Harvey Sillen, Wendell Chemerika, Trevor Byskal. Middle Row: Sylvia Shewchuk, Teacher; Terry Zwarich, Kent Warrington, Glenda Shorting, Ann Sawchuk, Darren Yanchycki. Front Row: Jaque Cornborough, Michelle Cutter, Sarah Amyotte, Patsy Shannacappo, Joyce Shannacappo, Barbara Oshust and Marion Whitebird.

Grade ll, 1982-83. Back Row, Left to Right: Leona Mcinnes, Teacher; Thomas Bird, Kevin Channacappo, Chad Wruth, Dennis Mentuck, Kenny Haralson, Ervin Wilson, Michael McLaughlin, Wally Yanchycki, Principal. Middle Row: Benjy McKay, Colin Lougheed, Terry Woychyshyn, Gordon Ziegler, Jason Huntinghawk, David Kerr, Lanny Mclnnes, David Dyck, Richard Kopeechuk. Front Row: Angela Lee, Lori Berg, Mary Ann Zwarich, Laurie Gudbranson, Jacqueline Mink, Tina Bone, Roslyn Kerr, Lorie Shannacappo, and Juliana Warwaruk.

If you want children to improve, let them overhear the nice things you say to others about them.

Consider those who, though not themselves mothers, know just what to do with the children of others.