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Trustees who served on the Nedrob school board from 1920-1964 were:

1920- Mrs. T.J. Palser, Mrs. John MacKay, and Mr.

Harry Stephens,

1922 - Mr. John H. Hales, Mrs. T.J. Palser, and Mr.

CA. Tjader,

1923 - Mr. E. Holm, Geo Pennell, and J.A. Johnson, 1924 - Mr. David Curwen, Geo. Pennell, and E. Holm, 1925 - Mr. Geo. Pennell, D. Curwen, and E. Holm, 1926 - Mr. O.N.E. Holm as secretary treasurer and held

that position until 1941, Mr. R.S. Chaple, Mr. Peter Bodro, Harry Stephens, D.N. Ericson, Wm. Taylor and Chas. Carlson,

1931 - Mr. W. Taylor was elected chairman and held that position until 1941 when Mr. Fred Nylen was elected chairman and held that office until 1943. At that time Mr. C. Swanton was ap­ pointed chairman with Mr. Harry Tiller taking over the duties as the new secretary, a position he held until 1956. During that period of time, Mr. Einar Nelson, Mr. Peter Bodro also served as a trustee of the Nedrob school board. Other trustees serving on the board from 1956-64 in­ cluded Dennis Clow, Pat McElheron, Jim McClay, Einar Nelson, W.H. McElheron and Olive McClay serving as Secretary-Treasurer.

Nedrob School No. 1934 - year 1962. Children - Betty, Richard and David MacElheron, Glenn, Trudy, Stewart, Nadine and Darryl Clow, Jewel Thoren, Alice Fisher, Janice McClay.

Names of school teachers in the order in which they taught included: 1920 - Miss Pearl Pockett, 1920 - Miss Reta L. McKenzie, 1921 - Miss Marguerite Mckenzie, 1921 - Miss Dorothy Sharp, 1924 - Miss Doris McQuarrie, 1925 - Miss E.M. Fellingham, 1926 - Miss Olive Wallcraft, 1927 - Miss Margaret Chapman, 1928-29 Miss Catherine Johnson, 1929 - Miss Christina Fraser,


1929-1930 - Miss Ruby Law, 1930-31 - Miss Lois I. Chambers, 1931-32 Miss Elsie Greer, 1933 - Miss Lorna M. Porter, 1934 - no record, 1935-36 Mr. Roland Quarnstrom, 1937 - Mr. W.J.D. Fulford, 1937 - Mr. Louis C. Todd, 1938-39-40 Miss Margaret Creighton, 1942-43 Mr. Patrick G. Calancie, 1943-44 - Miss Violet Gronback, 1944 - Miss Stella Paulsen.

Nebrob school closed after the end of the term until it opened again in September 1960. 1960-61 - Mr. Harold Gilleshammer, 1961-64 Mrs. Mary Thoren.

As this school term ended the Nedrob school was closed permanently and the school house sold to Mr. Jim McClay for $210.00.


Otter Lake School No. 2265.


by Stella Nylen

Otter Lake was the last school district formed in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. It was situated between Erickson, Scandinavia and Tales School Districts.

The first electors meeting was held at the C.A.V.

Johnson home in September of 1935. Mr. Johnson was chosen chairman and Lilly North as secretary. Trustees elected at this meeting were A. Hjelmeland, C.A.V. Johnson and R.S. Chaple. A special meeting of electors was held in October of that year re-financing school construction, hiring of vans, applying for grants, deciding on a school site, etc.

It was not until May 1940, that it was agreed to build the school in the centre of the School District namely the N.E. corner of N.E. 1O-18-18W. In August 1940, the voters accepted the tender of Gust Bengston for the erection of the school for the sum of $2,100.00. Elsie Hall's application as teacher was approved at $500.00 for the term. Henry Wick dahl supplied water at five cents per day.

Teachers who served at the school for the first years were; Elsie Hall 1940-41, Lenore Gusdal 1941-42, Mrs. Helen Hunt 1942-43, Florence Hillstrand 1943-44, Aileen Lee 1944-45, Irene McGorman 1945-46, Wilda Carlson for terms 1946-47 to 1958-59, May Horwood 1959-61, Mrs. Annette Lett and Mary Duncan 1961-62.