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back in 1947. The building was moved by Gordon Hedges, men who worked on getting ready for use in­ cluded H. Frederickson, E. Ehlin, Gust Bergstrom, O. Olson, Chris Olson, Roy Johnson, who hauled sand and gravel and Jack Hicks who did the wiring. The Ladies Auxiliary gave $100.00 toward the expenses. The official opening was held June 17, 1947.

The men served lunch for the Ladies one evening, which has been continued each year since, at the February meeting. There was also a Legion bonspiel held March 9th, which is still held annually. The hall was used as a school room for several years, and the Girl Guides held their meetings there.

In 1948 two members were on the local Sports Committee, and a donation of $50.00 was made to the Board of Trade to help prepare a sports ground. A barn dance was held in Weston's barn August 6th and $25.00 was donated to the hockey club.

In 1949 Cde. R.J. McKenzie passed away, he had been Secretary-Treasurer of the branch for the first 7 years. A Thomas splint was purchased for the hospital, a cairn was built and the members helped the Chamber of Commerce build a playground.

In 1950 the Legion sponsored a Halloween and New Year's Eve dance. Cde. W. Taylor was the recipient of the branch's first Life Membership, Linus Miller was the first Honorary Member. Cde. W. Miller made a frame for the Honor roll. The W.1. held their meetings in the hall. A dance was held on Coronation Day, June 2, 1953.

In 1954 cheques were sent to the St. John's Ambulance, March of Dimes, Deer Lodge Christmas Tree Fund, these are being carried on annually.

Several rinks took part in the Onanole Legion bonspiel in 1955, a music teacher gave lessons in the hall, the Color Party marched in the Pioneer Day parade. A picnic was held at Ditch Lake for members, their families and guests. The dedication of the Legion colors was held in the Lutheran church with Legion Padre Pastor C. Nethercott in charge. Cde. W. Miller carried the Legion flag, Cde. T. Hodges the Union Jack, with attendants Cdes. J. Cutter and S. Steele.

In 1956 the annual dinner was catered to by the W.l. for $1.00 per plate. Life member Cde. W. Taylor passed away. The property deed was transferred from the trustees to the Branch. Chairs were purchased for the hall, and two swings built at Ditch Lake.

The branch treated the Ladies Auxiliary to dinner at Wally's Cafe and the first fowl bingo was held December 20, 1958.

In 1959 the name Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League was officially changed to the Canadian Legion. $325.00 was donated to the hospital furnishing fund, weekly bingos were held, and on November lIth the 20th anniversary was celebrated with dinner at Ernie's Hall, where the Charter members' names were read. A social was held at the hall after dinner. A lumberjack supper was put on by the members and a donation was made to the Memorial rink.

As 1960 was Leap year, the ladies treated the men to dinner at Wally's Cafe. In 1961, the name officially became The Royal Canadian Legion. In 1962, the members gave a shield to the best groomed 4-H calf, gave

a donation to the Cubs and Scouts, sponsored a carnival queen contestant, and the fourteen-sixteen baseball team. Two stretchers were purchased for the hospital.

In 1963, the Legion sponsored the 4-H public speaking, and are still doing so. The Legion and Auxiliary pur­ chased fifteen baseball uniforms, Wayne Tosh was the team's coach. They helped build the Viking float, sponsored Shirley Gushulak at the Legion Sports Training Camp at the Peace Gardens. Mrs. J. McPhee made aprons for the use of members collecting money at bingo etc., these are still in use.

In 1964, they sponsored the St. John's Ambulance course, co-operated with Harry Dmyterko in showing the film "The Longest Day". In June, Cdes. S. Steele, J. McPhee and Enoch Ehlin formed a committee to look into buying the hall from Ernie Ullberg. Shirley Gushulak again attended the Sports Training camp. The branch helped plan the annual fair, sponsored a Remembrance Day essay competition, and celebrated their 25th anniversary.

A calf halter was donated to the Crawford Park 4-H Beef Club in 1965, as that branch was dissolved, made a donation of $100.00 to the Medical Centre, and became a member of the Erickson Credit Union.

In 1967, the Steele family donated a trophy in memory of Cde. M. Steele, to be given annually to the winners of the Legion bonspiel. In October the branch bought Ernie's Hall for the sum of $5,000.00, and held their first dance there on Boxing Day, with music by Pete Lamb's Orchestra and on New Year's Eve with Mike Kostiw's band.

In 1971, the hall was lined with panelling and the balcony was made into a ladies washroom with the Ladies Auxiliary supplying the material. Seven, twenty five year pins were given to members, Karen Shell born went to the Peace Gardens camp, a trophy was given to the best groomed calf at the fair. The lots on Main Street were sold to Parkwood Auto.

In 1972, Ruth Hampson and Heather Carlson went to the Sports camp, one hundred chairs and a typewriter for the secretary were purchased. A donation was made to the rest room.

In 1973, Cdes. J. Tinkler, J. Skogstad, W. Miller received Life memberships. A phone was installed in the hall, a P.O. box rented, and a tape recorder was pur­ chased for use at members funerals etc. A donation was made to Parkland Home. A vote re accepting veterans' sons and daughters as associate members was passed. The mortgage-burning ceremony was held at the Christmas party.

The first associate members: L. Syslak, J. Steele, Bill Tinkler, P. Wright, D. Sharpe, L. Ojibowski, R. Chatburn and Mona Pratt were initiated into the branch in 1974.

In 1975, the 50th anniversary of the Legion, twenty five hundred tulips were ordered from Holland, the branch gave some to Parkland Home, members and people in the area bought the rest. All first World War members were given Life memberships, Cdes. T. Holmlund, P. Vaughan, T. Chambers, T. Buchanan, A. English, they also received special anniversary cer­ tificates. Cdes. T. Hodges and S. Steele and their wives