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attended the Convention in Winnipeg. With help from the District Rec. Committee, Credit Union, Chamber of Commerce and the Lion's Club, Sherrie McDonald, Shelley McInnes, Betty Challborn and Nicky Chemerika

went to the Sports camp. Associate member J. Steele became branch secretary.

In 1976, donations were made to the Wheel Chairs bus, Life member T. Chambers passed away. Discussion were begun on remodelling the hall or building a new one.

In 1977, a bingo jackpot was started at $500.00, help was given to widows of local veterans and Eunice Richard went to the camp.

In 1978, twenty five and thirty year pins were presented, $1,000.00 was given to the proposed new skating rink. Cam Mayor, Glen Earley and Mark Ullberg attended the camp and an electronic bingo machine was purchased.

In 1980, a decision was made to build a new hall, four estimates were received and Ireland's Construction was accepted. A tender was put out on the old building and Russell Tiller's for $500.00 was accepted, it had been purchased for $5,000.00 and was used for twelve and one half years. Articles were stored in Albin Mayor's cottage, Bob Kingdon's garage, minute books etc. at Steele's. The charters were at the Credit Union. Bingo was held at the Rec Centre. Cde. S. Steele rode horseback from Medicine Hat to Calgary, Alberta, he got pledges at so much per mile and completed the ride, this money was used for the electric Legion sign. Members and citizens of the area were very generous with their donations. After the building was constructed, the members completed the inside, building the stage, cupboards etc.

A gift of tulips was received from the people of Holland to those veterans who took part in the liberation of their country. A donation was made to a Life member whose house was damaged by fire. Cde. S. Synchyshyn made and donated a new flag pole.

On May 2, 1981, the official opening of the new hall was held, with guest District Comm. C. Blair; Zone Comm. G. McLaughlin; Mayor Henry Oshust; Credit Union Manager Ivan Humeniuk; Rolling River Band Chief Dennis Whitebird; Reeve Emil Shellborn; Lion's Club President Jim Nylen; Padre C. Johnson; Ernie Brookman and their wives; members of the Legion, the Auxiliary and their spouses. Life member T. Holmlund cut the ribbon, assisted by Cdes. P. Vaughan and T. Buchanan. They were backed by Legion President Cde. S. Steele, Auxiliary President Anne Kingdon and the Life members of the Auxiliary. Rev. C. Johnson read the ceremony of consecration, dedicating the hall and asking God's blessing on it's use. Speeches were made by the guests wishing the branch success in their future ac­ tivities. Mrs. Ethel Chambers gave a plaque in memory of her husband Tom. Ivan Humeniuk presented a plaque from the Credit Union and in return received one from the branch thanking him for all his help on the business side of the building. Helen and Henry Oshust donated a coffee maker, Cde. S. Steele and Auxiliary President Anne Kingdon expressed thanks to everyone on behalf of the members. Dinner was catered by the Jr. Hockey mothers, assisted by the 4-H girls. Murray Ennis and his band from Neepawa played for the dance. The first


Remembrance Day service held in the new hall on November 11, 1981 was very well attended and the weather was so nice, the wreaths were laid at the Cenotaph. A donation was made to the R.C.M.P. who sponsored a Halloween dance. The Ladies Auxiliary paid the taxes on the hall.

In 1982 the branch bought goalie pads for the In­ termediate hockey team, pledged $1,000.00 to the Care Home, sponsored Clarice Steele as a queen candidate at the first carnival in the new skating rink. There were thirteen entries in the Remembrance Day Poster com­ petition and eight in the poem-essay, winner of the first was Orest Berg, Daidre Vaughan's poem was chosen first, she also received first in the District which extends from Portage to the Saskatchewan border, from the Park to No.1 Highway, including Brandon.

As of the end of 1982, there are sixty five members; three Life; forty ordinary; twenty associate and 2 honorary. Wives and widows of veterans are now eligible for associate membership as well as sons and daughters.

The Erickson Branch No. 143 of the Royal Canadian Legion has a proud record in service to their comrades who need help and to the community. They have received the Early Bird award many times for the number of members renewing their membership early in the season, and are always in the top five across Canada in mem­ bership per ratio of elibible veterans.

The support received from the people of Erickson and the surrounding area, in all their endeavors has been the secret of their success. And, as with all Legion branches, they give a great deal of credit to their Ladies Auxiliary. It is hoped all their friends and supporters will soon be helping them celebrate the burning of the mortgage.


This Scholarship is set up by Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor of Erickson under the sponsorship of the Erickson Branch of Canadian Legion B.M.S.L.

The Scholarship shall continue for at least Five years at $25.00 - Twenty-five Dollars per annum.

The committee shall be as follows: Dr. M. Sirett, Mr.

  1. W. Miller and Mrs. J. W. Cutter.

In the event of one member retiring from the com­ mittee for any reason whatever, the remaining members of the committee shall appoint from the Erickson Branch 143 of the Canadian Legion or the Auxilary to the same a member to take the place of the retiring member and their decision shall be binding. The Scholarship shall be for a Grade X student who will continue into Grade XI.

The committee with the cooperation of the Principal of Erickson High School shall determine the student who has shown the most progression and aptitude in the last school term.

In the event of two students being of equal standing and one being the dependent of a Veteran that one shall have the preference.