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In December they adopted their first veteran in Deer Lodge Hospital, a Mr. John Morgan. He was sent gifts on his birthday, and at Christmas and the members wrote letters to him. Veterans adopted in later years were Mr. Bujama, and Mr. H. Pridden. In 1967 the ladies began buying the trophies and prizes for the second event of the Legion Bonspiel. In 1970 we began serving lunch at the 4- H Public Speaking, and in 1981 we took the responsibility of providing prizes for some of the categories.

In February 1972, the Legion asked the Auxiliary to take over the Bingo Canteen. Sylvia Holmberg and Harriet Hodges were given the responsibility. In 1975 Isla Cutter was mushroomed into one of the best Bingo Canteens in this area.

In 1976 a Memorial Account was started, the monies from this being used to provide a plaque, commemorating all the deceased members of the Auxiliary. We hosted the Auxiliary Rallies in the years 1955, 1966 and 1979. In 1981 in cooperation with the Onanole Auxiliary, we hosted the Auxiliary Bonspiel. Our membership averages forty three in the past few years, and our average meeting attendance is twenty. Our main project now, is to help the Legion payoff the loan, taken out for the new hall, that was built in 1980.

Over the years Life Memberships were awarded to: Alma Olsen, Lillian Baxter, Ida Mayor, Edna Steele, Ethel Chambers, Mary English, Viola Miller, Margueret Johnston, Amanda Holmlund, Isla Cutter, Sylvia Holmberg, Gertie Gustafson and Harriet Hodges.



April 20th, 1916

During the winter months the ladies of the Red Cross Society of Scandinavia were not idle, but had ac­ complished a fair amount of work. Goods had been handed out to different homes and returned completed to the President, Mrs. E. Waterton. They had been made up by the following: Mrs. R. Naslund, Mrs. Hodgson, Mrs. E. Hemmingson, Mrs. Fletcher, Agda, Mabel and Mrs. P. Johnson, Mrs. Kalberg and Ellen. Miss Helge Hemmingson was the secretary.

Fifty Christmas stockings were made up by Scan­ dinavia, Hilltop and Danvers.

In 1917, the statement from the secretary of the Scandinavia Red Cross stated that contributions by Red Cross Aid for Christmas stockings for wounded soldiers from Hilltop was $16.40 and from Scandinavia $21.10. A Red Cross cushion social was held a Swinburn's farm residence in Danvers.

On January 24, 1924 the Minnedosa Tribune ran an article which read that a relief society had been formed


Scandinavia Red Cross. Back Row, Left to Right: Harriet Wilson, Eva Hutton, Hilma Erickson, Bella Johnson, Elsie Christopherson, Maria Block. Seated: Irene Block, Esther Backlund and Eva McAuley,

here with Mrs. E. Rutledge as president and Mrs. T.E. Squire as secretary. The society would operate with a view of giving assistance to needy families in the surrounding districts. There seemed to be a great need for an organization such as this, in and around Erickson, and everyone should lend every possible assistance.


At the open meeting called by Dr. E.J. Rutledge, a branch of the Canadian Red Cross was formed at Erickson and a charter had been applied for.

Erickson was chosen for the central headquarters for the R.M. of Clanwilliam and the Unorganized Territory to the north.

An executive committee consisting of representatives from all organizations, the Municipal council, churches, and schools throughout the district was appointed. They were Dr. E.J. Rutledge: president, Mr. Richard Odelburg: 1st Vice-President, Mrs. Sam H. Gordon, Rackham: 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. Gordon Bruce:

Secretary, Mr. L.W. Miller: Treasurer, and Mr. C.J. Johnson and Mrs. H. Miller were appointed honorary Presidents.

Dr. E.J. Rutledge M.L.A. was appointed chairman of the War efforts organization with L.W. Miller as secretary. Board members were R.J. McKenzie, J. Tytgat, M. Neilson, M. Grodeski and O.A. Wickstrom. Line elevators were responsible for gathering scrap metal.

The Units forming the Erickson and District Red Cross were Erickson, Hilltop, Scandinavia, Whirlpool, Danvers, Clear Lake, Onanole, Lund, Westmount, Nedrob, Norland, Rackham, Round Lake, Clear Lake S.D. and Clear Creek S.D.