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REMINDER Nancy Wilmot

A ghost did come to me last night, 'Twas dressed in bloody robes. And on his chest the silver shone, With ribbons, gay soiled lobes.

The pale young face was pinched with pain, His eyes were hollow rounds,

And all the while he paced the floor, As if pursued by hounds.

Then of a sudden, he was gone. A moonbeam in his place.

I could not tell w'er it were a dream as that silver ringlet raced.

It skipped and leaped across my bed, Then left without a trace.

But when I looked upon its trail, Surprise wove 'cross my face.

A flower.

Deep scarlet, a drop of red. We tread upon his bones, Let's notforget he's dead.


by Harriet Hodges

Mrs. William Taylor arranged a meeting to be held in the Municipal Hall in Erickson, the purpose, to organize an Auxiliary to the Erickson Branch of the Legion, on Friday October 27, 1939. The meeting was a success, and on December 11, 1939, they were granted a Charter. The Charter members were: Elizabeth Taylor, Marian McKenzie, Ruth McKay, Gladys Rutledge, Ethel Chambers, Emma Bergstrom, Elizabeth Wasylenko, Rose Turner, Sara Chapel, Ruth Simpson, Margaret Miller, and Esther Peterson. Their first executive was President - Mrs. William Taylor, First Vice-President ­ Mrs. McKenzie, Second Vice-President - Ruth McKay, Secretary - Mrs. Gladys Rutledge and Treasurer - Mrs. Simpson. The meetings were held in the Municipal Hall, and they decided to hold them on Friday nites, the same as the men. The initiation was held on January 6, 1940. The per capita tax was twenty-five cents per member per year, but a few years later it was raised to ten cents per member per meeting, and had to be sent in quarterly. In 1954 they changed it, to having the per capita sent to Winnipeg annually. This amounted to dues being $1.20 per year, an amount that was raised to two dollars a year in Erickson in 1982.

This was during the war, so the members were dedicated to working, for the services. They worked in conjunction with the Red Cross, knitting and sewing. They also wrote letters to the men overseas, and at Christmas time sent them parcels. On June 28, 1940 they voted a donation of fifty dollars to the Minnedosa

Ambulance. As there were already women who had lost their husbands in the war, the Auxiliary worked to see that they got an adequate pension, to provide for their children. On January 27, 1940 they had a Birthday supper at Brekke's Restaurant.

The Auxilary donated to many charitable Institutions, such as the C.N.I.B., Care, Salvation Army, Cancer Fund, Deer Lodge Christmas Tree Fund, The Children's Aid, The Legion Athletic Camp, to the Rest Room, March of Dimes, the Arthritic Society, and in later years Parkland Home, and Touchwood Park. They always worked for the Hospitals, in the early years sewing baby clothes and blankets, seemed every year there was a request for more baby binders. In the later years they donated cash towards buying Hospital equipment. Some years they paid for local children to attend the Legion Athletic Camp, at the Peace Gardens.

The Dime Raffle was started in December 30, 1943, the article to cost no more than 35 cents. Mrs. Amanda Holmlund brought the first article, and it was won by Mrs. Grodeski, and netted the sum of two dollars. They had many ways of raising money, such as Silver teas, Galloping teas, Diminishing teas, travelling aprons, travelling grocery baskets, selling homemade lemonade at the Legion dances, Corn roasts at Ditch Lake at which they charged fifteen cents per person and realized the sum of $5.00. They held Social evenings, and at their meetings they had a jar that everyone dropped their pennies into. The members were fined five cents, if they came to the meeting not wearing their Legion beret. The ladies donated flour sacks, that were made into quilts, and raffled. At the Social evenings and teas, Mrs. Ina Burkett would read tea cups for a small charge. On May 3, 1947, and again in 1954 the Auxiliary sponsored a bingo.

During the war years the members worked at the Mobile Kitchen and Rest Unit at the Park, for the Service Personnell. The first Poppy Day Tea was held on November, 1942. They sponsored dances and Masquerades in the Scandia Hall, which they rented for the sum of seven dollars a nite. They served lunch at the first Memorial Service that was held on November 10, 1940. During the years of rationing, each member was allowed only one cup of coffee for lunch. That began in 1942. A Tea was held in Newpert's Tea Room. They sold hot dogs, and the sum of $16.90 was realized, the expenses were $3.95.

They ordered twenty-four Auxiliarv hats, complete with badges, at a price of $1.50 each. In January 1946 it was decided to change the meeting day, from Friday to Tuesday evening. The first Legion Hall was the Legion unit from the Park, and it was moved to Main Street in Erickson. The first meeting held in it was June 3, 1947. Deer Lodge Christmas Tree Fund began in December, 1947. Charging a silver collection for the lunch at the meeting began on June 7, 1949, money to be used for a Flower and Fruit fund.

In 1950 the average attendance was eight to twelve members. On November 4, 1958 they served a supper for the Lions Club Birthday Party, at $1.50 per plate. Supper consisted of juice, potatoes, turkey, gravy, peas, salad, cranberry sauce, and pie for dessert. In 1973, the price for a supper like that was raised to $2.00.