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buttons and seams and new articles had to have the Canadian Red Cross label. Needless to say the cleaning ladies had a busy day.

In December, two letters were received and read from grateful people in England who had been given quilts made by our group. Can there be any greater reward than a "Thank You" to these fine women who worked so faithfully for the War effort?

A Christmas Party for the war veterans was organized for December 28th in the form of a whist drive and dance, lunch being two sandwiches, one mince tart and cookie - 20ยข.

In January of 1946, Mrs. N. Hall resigned as quilt convenor, and her resignation was accepted with regret. In the recorded minutes, she had held the position of quilt convenor from 1942-1946. A total of 297 quilts had been completed and sent away under her able super­ vision.

A letter from Mrs. R. Smith was read expressing thanks for the work done and announced the closing of the books of the Women's War Workers Committee. She also told of the New Women's Work Committee which was being organized to carryon much of the same work for the Red Cross. All members were in favor of con­ tinuing the Red Cross work after summer recess.

In October, the ladies held their first meeting after the recess. In September of the following year, 1947, it was agreed that the meetings be discontinued and any utensils, etc. belonging to the society be disposed of at the Annual meeting. In November it was decided to bring to the W.L and the Legion Auxiliary the need for con­ tinuing Red Cross work.

In compiling this report only a few names are men­ tioned but there were many faithful women who gave their time and energy. The ladies who are still with us remember the ones that have moved to new homes and those who have passed away.


Scandinavia on February 7, 1909, Mr. Chip Holmberg of Winnipeg, organized a lodge of the LO.G.T. here, under the name of Morgonrodnaden, with 24 charter members. The following officers were elected and in­ stalled for the ensuing year; John Forsman - Chief templar, E. Thoren - P. Chief templar, Amos Johnson ­ L. dep., Carl Olson - W.T., O.P. Carlson - Secretary, Miss Olga Carlson - Assistant Secretary, Miss C.A. Johnson - Financial Secretary, Ludwig Oberg ­ Treasurer, Mrs. Maria Olson - Chaplain, Miss Minnie Forsman - Marshall, Albin Gustafson - Guard, David Carlson - Sentinel.

Since organizing, others have joined the lodge, and there are now thirty five members belonging to it.

Mr. Chip Holmberg addressed the meeting. He illustrated with a story the difficulties to be contended with, by the promoters of the temperance movement in the colony. But with unity of purpose, with courage on the part of the people, they will do it and make many happy homes.

As the new lodge finds difficulty in securing a place of


meeting, it has been decided to erect a hall. A committee was formed to look after the work, and put up a hall 24 ft x 40 ft which can be used for all public meetings, as well as for the LO.G.T. To that end a deputation waited on citizens of Minnedosa and the surrounding district to solicit aid for the undertaking, with the following gratifying results: Keyand Armitage $20.00, Black Bros. $15.00, W.H. Sparling $lO.OO, Mair & Burton amount not specified, H. Halpenny $5.00, G.A. Grierson $5.00, Cecil L. St. John $5.00, Armitage & CO. $5.00, R.J. Butchart $5.00, Jas. Rae $1.00, Duke & McDonald $5.00, G.W. Pelps $5.00, D. Cannon $2.00, Andrew Sandstrom $1.00. Basket party held February 27 at Ehlins, C. Bengtson was auctioneer, first basket was sold for $4.55.

The officers of the society return heartfelt thanks to those who have contributed in money and material and any further donations will be thankfully received and acknowledged.

Much material is on the ground so now work of construction will go on. Thanks are also returned to those who assisted to make the garden party so great a success.

The lodge meets every Saturday evening, and all are invited to join.

19lO - The Scandinavia Lodge No. 13 LO.G.T. held its first annual meeting on Sunday the 5th, at Mr. P.L. Winder's house. Mr. Elje Wall strom was selected as lodge deputy for the ensuing year, and Mr. J .A. Sjogren as its regular representative for the Grand Lodge and Mr. Elje Wallstrom as alternative. The Grand Lodge will meet in Winnipeg on Thursday next, the 16th.

The officers elected for next quarter are: P.L. Winder ­ C.T., Elje Wallstrom - V.T., J.A. Sjogren - Sec., Ernest Ullberg - Treas. December 19lO - Lodge No. 7 Majblommar (May flowers) Erickson.

The "Fredheim" building association is planning many things at present: That is building a stable for the hall to house ten teams. On December 28 - Notice for Sleigh ride and Ball. It will be a big time in the shape of a sleighing party that will start at 12 o'clock from the hall in Erickson and back to the hall around Otter Lake where supper will be served, and a masquerade ball in the evening and a late supper all for $1.50 per couple ­ Duncan Campbell will supply the music.

March lO, 19lO - Account of Sleigh Ride and Ball, through frost and snow they all did go, to the ball given by temperance people in their fine hall. There were fifty couples in attendance. The music was supplied by Dundan who knows how to make everyone feel glad they were there. A fine supper was served about midnight putting new life in the young men to more vigorously "Swing Me Around Again, Willie" . Everyone was pleased they went. One again soon!

1911- PIC-NIC (ad in Minnedosa Tribune Sec - Victor Wallstrom). A real old fashioned pic-nic is to be held in Scandinavia on Friday, June 24th next. Sports of all kinds are being arranged and several prominent men will deliver addresses. Go and enjoy yourself. The drive is one of the most pleasant in Manitoba.

June 15, 1911 - Temperance meetings on second Saturday of each month. Going to have picnic at Fridhem Hall.