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The Temperance Society in Erickson formed their Lodge on May 24, 1912 and was appropriately named "Majblommar" (May flowers). Erection of the "Godtemplarhalen" (Good Templars Hall) was mainly by volunteer work. The treasurer's report in December, 1912, states that a winter party netted $11.04, a July picnic $13.50, a box social $31.00, an August concert $28.50. This was the manner in which they raised money for the building of the hall. It was interesting to note that for $15.00, they had purchased an ice cream freezer, plus freight.

A Mrs. Thompson of Minnedosa loaned the lodge the sum of $1,000.00 but before long she requested her money back or the hall. Olav Olson paid her loan and he carried it until they raffled a car and were able to clear the debt. They had a balance of $40.00 left which was used to purchase a piano.

Picnic at Temperance Hall.

When the Temperance Lodge ceased to function, shares were sold and the new company chose the name Scandia Hall. The ladies were given a share for their work serving at dances and cleaning the hall. In 1928, the hall could be rented for $5.00 to $6.00. Mr. Wm. Johnston (Wendell and Keith Johnston's grandfather) received $1.50 for his services as janitor for each event. The building was heated with wood and a load cost $3.25. David Halvarson received $1.00 for hauling it. Ten years later it was rented mit for $3.00.

This hall served the community for many years as it was the only building large enough to accommodate larger gatherings such as the Christmas school concerts, dances, political meetings, drama festivals, etc. For a time the Women's Institute used it for their first Country Fairs. The Manitoba Dairy and Poultry Association packed dressed turkeys and chickens there several years.

As it became more and more difficult for the shareholders to continue the operation and the upkeep of the hall, when the opportunity came, they decided to sell it. Without even holding a meeting, it was sold and the money allocated to the shareholders.

It was in 1946 when Glen Shellborn returned from his war service that the sale was made to him. After his marriage, he and Ada built a small suite in the basement

Good Templars Families arriving at Erickson Temperance Hall for a picnic.

and lived there for a short while. They sold it to Steve and Emily Biluk who enlarged the living quarters. Sometime in the 1950's it again changed hands when Ernest Ullberg and Donald Erickson bought it. Later Don sold his share to Ernie, who later sold it to the Erickson Branch No. 143 of the Royal Canadian Legion. They operated it until the decision to erect a new building on the same site was made. It was sold by tender to Russell Tiller who moved it out to his farm as a utility building. Once again one of Erickson's old landmarks has disappeared.


by H.R. Paulsen

The Erickson and District Chamber of Commerce was organized on February 24th, 1920 and at that time was


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