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1964 - Glen Shellborn, President; Tom Bertram,

Sec. Treas.

1965 - Joseph Lenkewich, President; Tom Ber-

tram, Sec. Treas.

1966 - Sid Waldron, President; Tom Bertram, Sec.


1967 - Ben Ward, President; Tom Bertram, Sec.


1968-1970 - Tom Bertram, President; H.R. Paulsen, Sec.


1971-1973 - Jack Thomson, President; H.R. Paulsen, Sec. Treas.

1974-1975 - Henry Oshust, President; H.R. Paulsen, Sec. Treas.

1976-1978 - Ivan Humeniuk, President; H.R. Paulsen, Sec. Treas.

1979-1981 - John Kelly, President; H.R. Paulsen, Sec.


1982-1983 - John V. Gustafson, President; H.R.

Paulsen, Sec. Treas.

1983-1984 - Wm. G. Earley, President; Ivan Humeniuk, Sec.; H.R. Paulsen, Treas.

In 1923 some of the projects worked on were getting Public Well in the Village, still working to get Telephone and a Station, sidewalks for Main Street, formed a committee to interview merchants in regard to early closing at 6 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in June, July and August and purchase of a Fire Engine.

In 1924 the Board worked on getting Erickson as an unincorporated Village, community grounds for the area, watching and working on the proposed Clear Lake Road with keen interest.

In 1925 the Clear Lake Road was of much concern and although the Board was not too active the next few years keen interest was shown in the formation of a National Park to be located near Clear Lake.

In 1936 the Board requested Council to enact a By-Law that all business places close at 6 P.M. on the evenings of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week excepting the two months commencing August 15th. In the next few year the Board agreed to financially assist if required to provide accommodation for their meetings, were able by gentlemen's agreement to have Thursday afternoon closing in the Village. During the war years the Board was inactive but in 1946 the Board again became active. Some of the projects worked on and achieved were: erection of a Bill Board, sponsored an A.C.T. Amateur Program in aid of the Tuberculosis Fund, advertised and corresponded for a Bank and Hairdresser and both became a reality.

In 1947 the Chamber worked in conjunction with the W.I. to hold a T.B. Clinic here, sponsored another A.C.T. Amateur Broadcast and discussed parking, playground and changes to store hours with no significant progress.

In 1948 the Board contacted the Provincial Fire Commission regarding the fire hazard of Bulk Oil Stations and were informed that all regulations were being observed. An amount of $25.00 was donated to the Erickson School Board towards purchase of a projector for Erickson and District.

In 1949 the Board voted unanimously to change their

name to the Erickson Chamber of Commerce. Some of the projects involved in were giving moral support for a new Hospital, building of a road through the Reserve to Ozerna.

At the Annual Meeting of 1950 a cheque for $3,000.00 from Manitoba Pool Elevators was given to the chairman of the Hospital Board. Several other cheques were also presented towards furnishing and equipping the Hospital.

In 1951 the Chamber forwarded a resolution to Manitoba Co-operative Dairies requesting that the price of milk be the same in Erickson as in Minnedosa.

In 1952 the name of the organization was changed to "Erickson and District Improvement Association" but in 1953 it was changed back to the "Erickson Chamber of Commerce". Some of their projects were recommending daily milk service from Brandon to Russell, improvement of Bulletin Board, erection of Highway signs, and requesting resurfacing of PTH No. 10 and construction of a Highway from PTH No.5 to Russell via Erickson. A letter of thanks was sent to the Postmaster General for the new daily mail service to Erickson.

In 1954 and 1955 the Chamber gave full support to Harry Aylwin in starting a newspaper in Erickson, requested a larger phoning area not using long distance, requesting service from Wasagaming R.C.M.P. detachment rather than Minnedosa and worked with the Skating Rink Committee in sponsoring a Car Bingo.

In 1956-1957 the Chamber worked in getting dial phones in Erickson and district, sponsored a two Car Bingo in conjunction with the Skating Rink held at Sportsmans Park, sponsored a wrestling match at the Rink and also an A.C.T. - T.B. Fund Broadcast and improved resort facilities at Gertrude Lake.

In 1958-1959 measuring of lots for cottages took place, bath houses were installed and arrangements made for plowing, levelling and seeding of grass in the open area and records were purchased to provide carols at the Festive Season.

The first part of the 60's a lot of effort was put forward in promoting Waterworks for the Village, sponsoring Pastor Frederickson's swim at Clear Lake and requesting Fisheries to stock fish in local lakes. Assistance was given for the Centennial Celebration, support was given for promoting the vote for the new Elementary School and assisted with official opening of Waterworks in Erickson. The Chamber also co-operated with the Medical Centre Committee in providing a Medical Clinic for the Village. Donations were made to the Centennial Committee, the Centennial Park Committee and the Medical Centre Committee and support was given the Dauphin Chamber of Commerce in an effort to have a new road through the Park. A Centennial Committee was set up and through their efforts the Celebrations began at 4 P.M. December 31, 1969.

In the early 1970's the Chamber had a speaker at their Annual Meeting who spoke on "Trout Farming" and had several work parties and gave financial support in preparation on the proposed visit of Her Majesty the Queen and party on July 12th, 1970. They also sponsored a Pioneer Dinner and Senior Citizens Awards Nite as a centennial project. New Highway Signs were erected with