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Ditch Lake - Resort.

known as the Erickson Board of Trade. The first President was Martin S. Lee and the Secretary was Allan A. Anderson and they carried on for the year 1921. Some of the main projects at that time were:

  1. To contact the Telephone Commission re: Service at this point
  2. To write the University - Medical Department re:

Obtaining a Medical Doctor and DrugStore

  1. Resolved that the Board of Trade are unanimously in favor of holding a "Chautauqua Week" here - twelve members signed the contract.

A program committee was set up to raise funds for a piano and a Steinbach piano was subsequently purchased from Mason Resch Piano Co. for $350.00 with $50.00 down payment and financed at 8OJo. A committee was set up for sponsoring of local plays. The Board was in contact with Canadian National Railways regarding erection of a station.

Through the next sixty years the executive was as follows:

1922-1923 - T.E. Squire, President; Wm. G. Fergeson, Sec. Treas.

1924 - Ed. A. Neupert, President; H.G. Mutch,

Sec. Treas.

1925 - O.J. Gusdal, President; H.G. Mutch, Sec.


1926-1935 - Board was not active

1936-1937 - Charlie J. Johnson, President; R.J.


McKenzie, Sec. Treas.

1938 - Ernest H. Gusdal, President; L. W. Miller,

Sec. Treas.

1939-1945 - Board was not active

1946 - B. Anderson, President; H.R. Paulsen, Sec.


1947 - Alex Fergeson, President; H.R. Paulsen,

Sec. Treas.

1948 - L.W. Miller, President; H.R. Paulsen, Sec.


1949-1950 - Trevor John, President; Theodore Lee, Sec.


1951 - Trevor John, President; John J. Resch, Sec.


1952-1954 - Gotfrid Johnson, President; S.O. Good­ man, Sec. Treas.

1955 - S.O. Goodman, President; A.E. Seymour,

Sec. Treas.

1956-1957 - Wm. T. Turner, President; S.O. Goodman, Sec. Treas.

1958-1959 - L.W. Miller, President; S.O. Goodman, Sec. Treas.

1960 - C.V. Carlson, President; S.O. Goodman,

Sec. Treas.

1961-1962 - Henry Oshust, President; S.O. Goodman, Sec. Treas.; Tom Bertram, Sec. Treas.

1963 - Clifford Lundman, President; Tom Ber-

tram, Sec. Treas.