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and projects to help the less fortunate, for, it is only through service that they can fulfill their motto.


by Olga Hall

In July of 1953 some of the women in the Danvers district (north of Erickson) felt that a club should be organized to help financially and actively with com­ munity projects.

Four ladies met that month and we got our slate of officers. The next month our name was decided on. By the third month we were asked by our Hospital reresentative to bring food donations to Hospital Pantry shower.

The first year we were asked to sponsor items in the Women's Institute fair. To help pay for furnishings for Hospital and assist with Restroom projects. We served for Curling bonspiels and skating Carnivals and Lions Fish Derby at Ditch Lake.

Some of our residents started looking for greener pastures, so we were asked to serve at Auction sales, which meant losing some of our members. We felt these projects were worthwhile, one sale our profit was $17.83. That same year we had a bake sale at Co-op Store income of $15.60.

From the very beginning we have sent donations to Children's Aid of Western Manitoba and to the Ability Fund. Our donations begin with $5 a year but we have raised our donation as the years have gone by.

Through the years our main project has been making of quilts and we have packed many boxes of used clothing. This has been sent to World Relief. We have given quilts to fire victims in the area. In 1982 we still have five of the original members actively involved in our Club.


by Agnes Sillen

The Hilltop Women's Club was originally formed as Hilltop Red Cross Subdivision of Erickson Red Cross. The first meeting was held October 23, 1940, in the basement of the Hilltop Baptist Church with 19 ladies present. This club was formed at the request of Dr. Rutledge to get a few ladies together to work for the Red Cross.

The first officers were - President - Elva Sundmark, Secretary-Treasurer - Margaret Hillstrand.

The club was formed to do knitting, sewing and quilting for the boys overseas and refugees. It was decided to meet monthly at members' homes, charging twenty cents for lunch. Fund-raising events were pie and box socials, amateur hours, raffles and plays, admission: adults fifteen cents, children five cents.

At the July 2, 1941, meeting it was decided to change the name of the club to Hilltop and Lund Subdivision. Mrs. Emmy Eden recalls Mrs. Gust Lundman, as President, ringing a turkey bell when the ladies strayed

Hilltop Women's Club.

from the business at hand, bringing them back to order.

After the war the club was renamed Hilltop Women's Club. They continued raising money and supporting different community projects and charity funds. Over the years most women who lived in the community were members. As some ladies dropped out, new ones joined, and some have remained throughout the years. All the other people in the community, members or not, sup­ ported their efforts. At present the club has twenty ladies who meet monthly at members' homes. The present officers are - President: Sharon Whitaker, Vice­ President: LaVerne Uhl, Secretary: Agnes Sillen, Treasurer: Winnifred Whitaker, Hospital Auxiliary Representatives: Winnifred Whitaker, Sylvia Larson, Phoning Committee: Helen Sillen, Mabel Hillstrand, Auditors: Selma Skoglund and Margaret Hammell.

Hilltop Women's Club.


by Stella Nylen

The first teacher, namely, Miss Elsie Hall of the newly formed Otter Lake School District was interested in forming a community club, so she called a meeting on September 26th, 1940 of concerned women to organize.

The first executive consisted of President Mrs. Annie Wickdahl, Vice-President Mrs. Ida Wickdahl, Secretary Elsie Hall and the Treasurer Mrs. C. Weston. Ap­ proximately sixteen women attended these meetings held monthly.

The main concern of the club at this time was to equip