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the school with much needed items. Funds were raised by selling lunches at auction sales and Christmas concerts as well as holding box and necktie socials.

A piano was the first item purchased, followed by a cook stove, dishes and games for the school. This club folded in 1942 leaving a sum of $20.00 in the treasury.

It was in February 1952 that we re-organized with about eighteen or twenty members. During this time we raised money in much the same way as previously and donations were given to the local hospital, skating arena, Rest Room, Children's Aid and Red Cross.

We soon became a part of the Consolidated School District of Erickson and very little interest was left in our club so we disbanded in 1963. With our remaining funds we bought a clock for Parkland Home and gave the rest of the money to the Erickson and District Medical Nursing Unit.


by Mrs. Wendell Johnston

In January of 1943, the women of the Westmount School District called a meeting to organize a group that could work more effectively in assisting the Red Cross. The first executive consisted of Mrs. Lachie McInnes, president; Mrs. Tony Holmlund, vice-president; Mrs. Ernest Lofgren, secretary; and Mrs. Knut Peterson, treasurer. Memberships numbered seventeen and in­ cluded practically all the women in the district.

Quilts were made at the monthly meetings and in addition, much sewing and knitting was done at home for the boys in service at home and overseas. Parcels were packed for the local boys in service and these proved to be a very pleasant reminder of the folks back home.

Socials in the form of card parties and dances were held regularly and along with bake sales and bazaars, $552 was sent to Red Cross headquarters between the years 1943-1945.

In addition to the Red Cross Group at Westmount, there was a group of men and women working together for the sole purpose of purchasing a piano for the school. They too, organized in January, 1943, with the following

Westmount Women's Community Club - 1946. Left to Right: Hulda Challborn, Mary Thoren, Rose Warwaruk, Ethel Chambers, Martha Challbom, Lena Shindruk, Mae Skogstad, Amanda Holmlund, Katherine Warwaruk, Signe Neilson, Gel/en Sjovold, Anna Mclnnes, Henny Sanderson, and Thora Lofgren.


executive elected: Pres. - Ernest Lofgren, Vice-Pres. ­ Duncan McInnes, Sec. Treas. - Mrs. Lachie McInnes, Auctioneer - Neil McInnes. Committee members were Mrs. Ernest Lofgren, Mrs. Alf Thoren, Mrs. Knut

Peterson, Mrs. Tony Holmlund, Mrs. Alvin Sjovald and Mrs. Wm. Soltys.

A deal was made with the Winnipeg Piano Co. Ltd. for a secondhand Bell piano valued at $82.50.

Westmount Women's Community Club - Hat Contest. Left to Right:

Amanda Holmlund, Thora Lofgren, Eileen Mclnnes, Ethel Chambers, Anna McInnes. Sitting: Winnie Marcino, Irene Sundmark, Dorothy Ullberg, and Beatrice Warrington.

Whist drives, card parties, box and tie socials were held at the school, and a thorough canvass was made of the District to raise money. Finally after making payments in March, May and December of 1943, and a final payment in February, 1944, the piano was paid for. The Club disbanded, the piano stayed in the school until it closed and then the Westmount Women's Group was given authority to put it up for tender.

After the war ended, the need for Red Cross work was less urgent and the group decided to reorganize calling themselves "The Westmount Women's Community Circle". Their first meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Knut Peterson on May 22, 1946, and Mrs. L. McInnes and Mrs. T. Holmlund were asked to carryon in the capacity they had held previously and Mrs. Alf Thoren and Mrs. Neil McInnes were secretary and treasurer respectively.

The name of the group was changed again in 1960, when at their annual meeting they voted to become known as the Westmount Women's Group.

Club members were asked to answer a roll call with plant slips, flower seeds, favorite recipes, interesting facts about the provinces of Canada, jars of canning for the hospital or whatever the program committee decided. One interesting roll call in May, 1960, was: "What I wish had never been invented." Later the roll call was changed to "Thought for the day". Then penny raffles started, but were discontinued after a few years.

While the school was still operating, the Group sponsored notebook and public speaking competitions, made curtains for the stage, and served lunch after the annual Christmas Concerts.

The Group worked on many projects and to save time,