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Neepawa - Minnedosa District Rally.


by Cathy Furevick and Harriet Lee

The first recollections of club work among the children of this area dates back to the days following the First World War. It seems there was no organized club but, through the schools, the boys and girls were encouraged to raise an animal or poultry, do handiwork and baking, such as bread. In the autumn these would be exhibited at a school fair. The last one was held in 1922.

About 1925 three youths, Arthur Haralson, John Lee and Ludwig Paulsen, were somehow selected to attend a Boys' Camp at the Provincial Exhibition in Brandon for a week. They travelled a long day by train by way of Neepawa, then south and west again, to reach their destination.

As the club movement grew in the province (called Boys' and Girls' Clubs the first years) interest was again revived. The first club organized in Manitoba was at Rolland and the late Mr. Howard Shaw of Erickson was one of its members. In 1934 the first club was organized in Erickson, a Seed Club, with Mr. E. Forsberg, the Pool Elevator agent, as leader. Richard Paulsen was probably the first club member in the area to be awarded a trip anywhere. This was to Winnipeg which was quite an event in those days. He was teased on his return that he had scorched his tonsils gazing at the tall city buildings. He told of his blistered feet which had come off spring fields, walking behind harrows in work boots, into dress shoes on city pavement. This seed club also had the first team from Erickson to win a trip to the Toronto Royal Fair when Everett Rognan and Wallace Lee won this honour in Manitoba. They placed second in the Dominion judging competitions while there. Under Roy Nystrom's leadership another team of Les McInnes and Rudy Usick attended the Royal Fair in 1953 and they also were Reserve Champions.

On September 25, 1937 Nedrob district staged its first Calf Club show. The club had been organized in early spring by Mr. Wm. Taylor with considerable interest evident among the young people. Prizes were donated by


Mr. O.A. Wickstrom and Dr. E.J. Rutledge and the judges were Messrs. Emil Johnson, G.P. Stone and O.A. Wickstrom. Arthur Nylen was awarded the Rutledge trophy and other prizes were won by Leslie Nylen and Mildred Tiller. As far as is known today this club was of short duration.

4-H Garden Plot.



My head to clearer thinking, My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, And my health to better living,

For my club, my community, and my country.

4-H Uniforms modelled Achievement Day 1970. Ardelle Larson, Valerie McPhee, Patricia Kotyk, Cathy Gusdal, Viola Miller, Wendy Suski, Brenda Hopkins, Delores Robinson, Beryl Parrott.