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Erickson Scouts. Left to Right: Gene Paulsen, Mervin Hall, Brock Neilson and Pastor Brunn.

The names of the boys that started Cubs in 1948 were Wayne Johnson, Ronald Miller, Merril Christiansen, Gordon Bergeson, Allan Mytruk, Vernon Johnson, Garth Lee, Craig Ramgren, David Lee, Kenneth Holmberg, Harvey Carter, Lorne Holmberg, Warner Luzney. Added to the pack in 1949 was George Luzney, and Murray Jackson in 1950. The records show that the Cubs met until October 1951 then must have been disbanded. In 1960 the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, now known as the Erickson Lutheran Church, became the sponsoring body for the Boy Scouts and Cub movement.

The Group Committee as appointed by the Board of Deacons of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church met at the Sirett home for their organizational meeting on January 13th, Rev. O.J. Johnson was chairman for the meeting and H.R. Paulsen was secretary. Stewart Steele was nominated chairman and H.R. Paulsen secretary­ treasurer for the committee for the year 1960. It was brought to the attention of the meeting that Dorland Burkett had consented to act as Cub Master and a group

1st Erickson Cub Pack.

of twelve boys were needed to start the pack. Members of the committee volunteered to contact the various schools for prospects, and a second meeting was called January 18th at 7 P.M. to select the first pack. At this meeting thirteen names were chosen and they were to meet at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Monday, February 1st at 7 P.M. Parents interested in this movement were urged to contact committee members as their desire was to in­ crease the pack to at least thirty-six members. The Group Committee consisted of the following; Dr. Morley Sirett, Harold Stitt, Algot Hall, Harold Paulsen, Peter Slobodian, Joe Lenkewich, Henry Oshust, Robert Kingdon and Stewart Steele. To make the task easier for the cub master, the committee respectfully request volunteers to assist as leaders. S.R. Steele, Chairman, H.R. Paulsen, Secretary-Treasurer.

The Cubs were lead by Dorland Burkett for seventeen years with many assistants, namely; Bob Kingdom, Arthur Holmberg, John Podruski, Arend Brookman and Mervin Hall.

There were many good times had by the boys and leaders. Besides the regular weekly meetings they took part in many activities in the town; parades, memorial services, cubarries, bottle drives, and being in attendance when Her Majesty the Queen visited Erickson. One outstanding and living memory of Cub activity in our area was 'trees for tomorrow', planting trees in the White Mud water shed area, in the Mountain Road, Elk Ranch area. Dorland continued as Cub Master until 1977 and then Clifford Lundman became Cub Master in 1978. Cliff's assistants were Victor Bachewich and Lance Shellborn. When Cliff moved from the district the Cub movement was dropped and has not been started again.

The Boy Scouts were lead by Stewart Steele in 1960 with assistants Johnny Gustafson and Donald Hall. In 1961 Joe McPhee became Scout Master with Tom Bertram, Bob Kingdon, Irving Gusdal as assistants. O.A. Hall was Scout leader from 1964-68 and his assistants in that time were Allan Tokaryk and Bob Uhl. Joe McPhee was Scout Master in 1969 with Bob Uhl as his assistant. In 1970 Paul Shewchuk became Scout Master. Paul was without help until 1972 when David Shellingford, R.C.M.P., was his assistant. It appears that this was the last year the Scout troop was in existence. Unable to find leadership the Scouts were discontinued.

The Scouts enjoyed many good times taking part in many community affairs, also experienced camping at many surrounding lakes and at the Peace Gardens. One outstanding event took place in 1967 when the Scouts assisted in the Pam Am games in Winnipeg helping with the various events there. They camped at Birds Hill Park while helping at the Pam Am games, accompanied by Scout Master Algot Hall.

Perhaps it's only a little thing, That you are asked to do;

But if you do it willingly,

A joy will come to you.