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are, Harriet Hodges, Henry Oshust, Carl Syslak and Edward Turner. Others who have served, or are still serving on the board are: Ernie Collins, Frank Diswinka, Mrs. Emmy Eden, Peter Kowalick, John Lee, Joe Marcino, Eileen Mcinnes, Irv Nehring, Emil Shellborn, Mrs. Edna Steele, Mrs. Ida Wickdahl, Basil Woloshen and Dennis Wolski.

With the combined efforts of a caring community and a dedicated committee, the realization of a senior citizens home, the Parkland Home, came to be. The need was there, a concerned people met this need, to give the senior citizens of our community, some of whom are the descendents of the original homesteaders, a home to call their own. The community is grateful to Pastor Bruun who saw the need for this facility and spearheaded the effort to bring it to its completion.


by Harriet Hodges and Sylvia Holmberg

The Parkland Home Auxiliary was organized April 6, 1973 on the encouragement of Pastor Bruun who was at that time president of Parkland Home Board. The organization was set up to be responsible for the business position of the residents of the Home. The executive consisted of Ida Mayor, president; Emmy Eden, vice­ president; Ida Wickdahl, Secretary; and Sophie Hofdahl, Treasurer. Edna Steele was the Auxiliary's representative to the Board.

When the members first came to the Home there was no caretaker and so they themselves were responsible for cleaning the hall, lounge and care of the grounds, and the auxiliary set up a schedule for doing this.

The community very generously donated most of the furnishings. Members of families have placed several articles in the home in memory of former residents. The Parkland Home Auxiliary has also purchased necessary items with money they have raised in various ways.

Teas, bake sales, whist drives and a bazaar were most of the methods in which this money was raised. Our "Tested by Time" cookbook was a very successful part of our bazaar held here Oct. 2, 1981. In this, members contributed all the recipes and compiled and sold the cookbooks. The support of the community in our efforts made it possible to pledge money to the proposed Nursing Home and to give to the skating rink. Many members are still active in the community in churches and clubs.

The lounge is used for social gatherings on Thursday evenings. The members take turns serving lunch and tea and these are usually well attended. We have been pleased to have groups of entertainers such as choral groups, slides and demonstrations. Mrs. Ester Nyquist now 93 years young looks forward to these gatherings. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Holmlund are the only couple who ever celebrated their 60th anniversary while living in the Home. Mr. Keith Baxter has for several years arranged for two lovely turkeys for our Christmas dinner.

The flowers you see in front of the units are supplied and tended by the members living there. Those near the main entrance are arranged for by the board. Mr.


Nehring is now our caretaker and has been for many years.

The Home was in operation in 1970 but for three years our only record is a treasurer's report. This record shows that the residents worked to supply many necessary items for the Home, especially for the kitchen. We have been told Mrs. Lil Baxter was the person who organized and arranged for the donations. Mrs. Baxter also kept the first accounts of receipts and disbursements. The first item was proceeds from a social evening which was $16.65. Donations of money were given by Mrs. Edna Warrington (Percy), Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sanderson, Mrs. Florence Bergwall (Fritz). Mrs. Lil Baxter (Cy), Mrs. Alma Gustafson (Albin), Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Chubay, Mrs. Teenie Gregorash (Jack), Mrs. Kathleen Priestner (Walter), Mr. Wm. Klyrn and Mr. Bert Allan donated money for plates. Hilltop Women's group donated $10.00 for dishes and it is recorded Mrs. Winnie Sjoberg (John) and Mrs. Sophie Hofdahl (John) gave cups tho' not yet residents.

Disbursements for a while consisted of such items as spoons, scribblers, J-cloths, Sunlight detergent, toilet tissue, Christmas tree bulbs and icicles and many other articles.

In 1973, April 3, another social evening was held this time the proceeds were $45.50.

On the 6th of April 1973 Ida Mayor audited the books and found a balance of $52.41. This is some of the in­ formation we have been able to gather prior to the organization of the auxiliary.


by Mary Gusdal

On January 23, 1975, a group of interested people gathered at the Parkland Home, Erickson, Manitoba, to discuss the organization of a Senior Citizens group.

Mr. Grant Olynik, Public Health Nurse, was present as a resource person. He explained the purpose of this organization would be to entertain, promote social contact and develop skills and talents of older people. The organization would be non-profit.

Mrs. Harriet Hodges acted as chairperson for this and succeeding meetings until an election of officers would be held.

It was decided that there would be a board of ten members. At this meeting four members were chosen, there were Ed Turner, Pastor A. Tysseland, Ida Wick­ dahl, and Joan Metcalfe.

Harriet Hodges arranged for a second meeting to be held in the Legion Hall, Feb. 6, 1975, at 2 o'clock. At this meeting six more members were added to the board:

Einar Sundmark, Mary Gusdal, Harold Hansen, Martina Skovmose, Emma Eden and Daisy Knight. After lunch, these board members met for the election of officers. They were: President - Einar Sundmark, Secretary - Ida Wickdahl.

On Feb. 20, 1975, at a regular meeting Ed Turner was elected Vice-President and Harold Hansen Treasurer. Those eligible to join were all persons sixty years or over upon payment of $1.00 per annum, sixteen members