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On March 20th, a meeting in the Legion Hall found thirty-two paid up members. Six names for the club had been presented and after a vote by ballot the name Perky Pioneers was chosen.

Myrle Clark was asked to inquire about the feasibility of converting the old curling rink into a club house. On Wed., Mar. 4th, the board met with Leo Forest of New Horizons, who after inspecting the premises suggested it was inappropriate for the clubs purposes. The board then inspected the old theatre but found it unsuitable.

On July 31, 1975, a cheque from New Horizons for $11,000.00 was received to be used for renovations and equipment after a building was acquired. It was decided to deposit the cheque in the Erickson Credit Union under

the name of Perky Pioneers.

At a meeting on Aug. 27, 1975, Joan Mcinnes and Mabel Neilson of the Erickson Women's Institute at­ tended. Because the membership of the Erickson Women's Institute was declining and members getting older and were finding it difficult to maintain the upkeep of their building as a Rest Room for the Village, they proposed The Perky Pioneers take over the building as legal owners with the stipulation that the Women's In­ stitute be allowed to use same for their meetings rent free.

Einar Sundmark, Joan Mcinnes and Mary Gusdal met with the lawyer on October 2, 1975 and reported that since the Perky Pioneers were not incorporated they could not own the building. As a result the following terms were proposed.

The Women's Institute would lease the building known as the Erickson Rest Room to the Perky Pioneer Club for twenty-five years at $1.00 per year to be paid annually, all expenses incurred i.e. taxes, hydro, oil, water and insurance be paid by the Perky Pioneer Club.

These terms were accepted by a motion by the mem­ bership and possession of the building was taken on October 15,1975.

Using the grant from New Horizons, the Perky Pioneers proceeded to renovate and decorate the interior and buy equipment - tables, chairs, pool table, shuffle­ board table, cards, etc.

On Feb. 14, 1976, the opening ceremonies were held with many dignitaries present. Ribbon cutting person was Lillian Baxter with Jennie Clark and Harry Tiller holding the ribbon.

The center is open on Tuesday and Thursdays to all members and visitors. A business meeting is held on the second Tuesday of each month.

The Club has numerous outings, joining other New Horizon clubs, such as picnics, concerts, dances and trips. One of the social events that the members par­ ticipated in was when two of their members were married. The club decided to hold an old fashioned western shivaree for them. A lot of noise, pots and pans banging, an lot of fun, lunch and a good time was had by all.

The membership at this writing has fifty-six paid up members. Over the years they have enjoyed buy trips to many interesting places, exchange visits with neighboring clubs, hosted the annual picnic of all clubs in Westman, besides enjoying social contact with other members at the

drop in center.

The club is now incorporated and have received a New Horizon grant of $8,962.00 to further renovate the building, new lighting, heating, a ramp for the han­ dicapped, etc. is planned during 1983 in conjunction with Erickson's main street program.

On October 14, 1983 an Open House was held with a large crowd attending. An Award of Merit was presented to the Club by the New Horizons representative, Ester Korchynski. The building has a lovely new look for the Centennial in 1984.

The Newly Renovated Perky Pioneer Centre.

The Horse and Buggy Days.

A man who is always looking for a helping hand can always find one - attached to his arm.