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Miss Freda Martin, teacher was presented with the Manitoba drama league award for the best performance of the festival in her portrayal of the blind girl in "Lengthening Darkness". Miss Martin won similar

awards at the Minnedosa Drama Festival recently when her company placed second in the senior group. The Erickson players placed first in the Northern Drama Festival at Neepawa which carried the right to appear in

the provincial finals. .

Erickson players take honors in Minnedosa Drama Festival captured two cups, as well as honors for in-

Cast for a play in the Early days.

Members oj the cast oj the Bachelor Boy play.


dividual performances, and also won the right to represent this district at the drama league finals to be held

next month .in Dauphin. Juniors entry "In the Blue Moon". Individual prizes were awarded to Wanda Landstrom for her portrayal of the Negro girl "Sally", and Walter Johnston for the male lead in the Junior group.

Senior group: "The Man Who Died at 12 o'clock, Wanda Landstrom - Peter Bruce - W.O. Mckay.

Junior group: Lenore Gusdal, Marjorie Nelson, Walter Johnston, B. MacKay, Wanda Landstrom. Both plays directed by Ruth McKay.


In 1950-51 a film council was formed, and a con­ stitution and bylaws to be drawn up and presented at the next meeting.

Membership fees to be set at $1.00. The meeting date set for the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

The gathering of nearly sixty people enjoyed a social evening, and lunch was arranged by the Chamber of Commerce.

A community's respect for the opinion of all its' citizens is an important stepping stone towards progress and a higher standard of living is priceless.

Secretary-Treasurer - Ray Waterbury, Directors - Inez Johnson, Ethel Neilson, John Cook, Ludwig B. Gusdal, Leon Oshust, Peter Craig, Tony Holmlund, Membership Committee - Arthur Neilson, Pete Oleniuk, Harold Paulsen, Donald Johnson.


In the later years the fine arts have not seemed as outstanding as earlier perhaps because of the radio and changing ways of living. People don't seem to take the same time to cultivate home music or literary tastes.

March 1927 - The U.F.M. debate - Resolved that Commercial Traveller should be abolished: The af­ firmative led by Fred Rognan was awarded the decision by the judges.

February 6, 1924 - There was a very large turn out to the debate and social evening held by the U.F.M. in the school Friday, February 6, 1924. The subject for debate was: Resolved that amateur athletics was beneficial. Judges Messrs. Peter O. Lee and Oscar W. Strand and Albert North declared that the affirmative to be the winners by a narrow margin. Debaters: affirmative ­ Oswald Gusdal and William Logan, negative - Harvey Mutch.

In June 1921 a three day Chatauqua was booked and to be held down beyond the old Railway Station.