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Local Boys' Band. Left to Right: Carl Iwanyshyn, Duffy Kelly, Alan Steele, Hughie Stevenson and Don Stewart.

The Rolling River Orchestra. Left to Right: Mervin Huntinghawk, Jim Shannacappo and Randy Huntinghawk.


by Lily Wilmot

Where you find a gathering of people, you can always depend on seeing a baseball game. As far back as the first settlers in New Sweden, it is noted that when a picnic was arranged, a ball game was always included, for the en­ joyment of the players and spectators alike. The equipment and rules have no doubt changed over the years, but the excitement of a good ball game still exists.

The country schools in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam with their limited number of pupils, organized ball teams, spending their recesses playing this


An early baseball team. Back Row, Left to Right: Nelson Cassau, Algot Hall, Clayton Cassau, Norman Stone, John Stone, Alfred Sundmark, Doug McCaig, Hugh Stone. Front Row: Bill Anderson, Joe Grodecki, Leonard Neva.

Baseball Team, 1948-1957. Back Row, Left to Right: Cliff Glen ­ Second Base, Walter Luczka - Catcher, Harold Stitt - Business Manager, Don Wilkinson - Pitcher, Don Smith - Third Base, John Stone - Left Field. Front Row: Bill Piett - Short Stop, AI/an Gusdal ­ Left Field, Norman Stone - First Base and Playing Coach, Dennis Clym - Pitcher, Leonard Gusdal - Centre Field. Missing is Frank Arksey ­ Pitcher, Merrill Gusdal - Pitcher and Short Stop, Orville Gusdal - Left Field, Norman S. Stone - Second Base and Richard Paulsen - Manager.

ever popular game, teachers acting as umpires. Erickson having a larger enrollment, had teams in different age groups. The big event of the year was the Field Day held either in Clanwilliam or Erickson. All school districts took part in this gala event, which was looked forward to, and practised for, for weeks ahead. Hopes were always high of bringing home laurels for their home school.

The senior men have had over the years a well organized and active ball club. In the late 20's and early 30's, sports days and ball games were held south of 3rd Street South East. As Erickson grew, a new sports ground was located north of Centre Street. Erickson