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continued to grow and the new sports grounds are now located on the Centennial grounds.

Baseball never seems to lose its attraction to the crowds. At this point in time Erickson has several active baseball clubs, ranging in age from the very young to the older couples who play Slow Pitch.

Over the years many people, have been responsible for the up-keep and coaching of these clubs.

Erickson Boys' Ball Club. Back Row, Left to Right: Robert Parrott, Chris Wetteland, Dwight Ullberg, Terry Gustafson, Jerry Zachedniak, Ron Stitt. Front Row: Carl Ewashko, Joey Frankiw, Allan Penonzek (Middle) Darcy Parrott, Tim Ward and Dwain Shewchuk. Coach David Steward missing.

1969, Erickson Boys' Ball Club. Back Row, Left to Right: Lance Shellborn, Wade Oshust, Cameron McInnes, John McLise, Coach Les McInnes. Front Row: Vaughan Ullberg, Scott Furevick, Dwain Skog and Peter Oshust.


by Lily Wilmot

A boys' boxing club was formed in 1926. They were given boxing equipment from John and Arvid Forsgren. The boys gathered to have their meetings at the farm with Conrad and Elmer Halvarson and practiced boxing, self defence, and character training. The Boxing Club rules were compiled by Erling Lindgren and were as follows:

  1. Smoking is forfeited.
  2. Attend all Club meetings.
  3. Do all physical exercises.
  4. Learn to be courteous and kind.
  5. Profanity is forfeited.
  6. Be loyal to your Club.

7, All Club members are required to attend Church,

  1. Be kind to dumb animals.
  2. Do not mix in street brawls.

lO. Boxing Masters are also required to follow these rules.

Boys' Boxing Club. Left to Right: Hugo Neupert and Alf Sundmark.


by Ed and Eileen McInnes

The first organizational meeting was held January 27, 1938 to discuss the possibilities of starting a curling club and building a curling rink. The first executive members were: President - Dawson McKay, Vice-president ­ Gotfrid Johnson, Treasurer - Marinus Neilson, Secretary - Linus Miller, as well as Fred Ostrom, Paul Paulsen, Theo Lee, C.A. Hill, Thomas Mcinnes, L.B. Gusdal, Vic Sanderson and August Larson.

They decided to sell shares at $lO.OO each to raise money to erect the two sheet building whereupon they canvassed the town and district and realized $575.00. It was decided to use the plans drawn up by Ted Neilson and donations of lumber and logs were made. Wickdahls' sawed and planed the lumber at their mill and hauled it