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It was a Christmas Mixed Spiel, the winning rink being Ron Mcinnes, Ron Slobodian, Marvin Sillen and Leona Mcinnes. Norval Lee and Ron Mcinnes held afternoon curling clinics for high school students and any others

interested. The first "Erickson Annual Mixed Bonspiel" in the new Rec Centre had the following winners:

Aggregate Trophy and Co-op Event - Allan McPherson of Clanwilliam with Don Gustafson, Charlie Richards and Karen Horback, Nordic Inn Event - Bill Piett, Jim Brown, Leila Piett and Dorothy Brown, all of Onanole, Parkwood Auto Event - Eric Cornborough, Erickson, Citizens Event - Norval Lee, Erickson, Curling Club Event - Bruce McLaughlin, Onanole.

Over the years, Richard Paulsen has always been available as draw master for the Bonspiels and served on the curling rink board as well.

The Official Opening of the Recreation Centre was held on October 18, 1975, with a community supper, opening ceremonies and dance. Also in 1975 the old curling rink and property was turned over to the Village of Erickson.

New rocks were needed and a walk-a-thon (walk for a rock) was organized, a fourteen mile walk from the Recreation Centre to Ditch Lake and back, stopping at John Gustafson's cabin for lunch. There were twenty­ two walkers and they realized $1,543.80 with other donations being received as well.

On November 1, 1980, only six years after completion of the Recreation Centre, they held their Mortgage Burning ceremonies, consisting of supper and dance, a community effort.

The Recreation Centre is used for many activities besides curling. They have suppers, dances, wedding receptions, anniversaries, socials, pancake suppers, meetings, roller skating, family court, beer gardens during summer fairs and horse shows, Christmas parties, etc. The Village of Erickson held their 25th Anniversary supper and dance there. The Legion held their Bingos there while their new hall was being built and the com­ munity fund raising supper and dance is always held there. The Centre has also hosted the Men's and Senior Men's Zone Playdowns, Ladies' Lassie and Senior Ladies' Playdowns.

To payoff the $175,000.00 - cost to erect the Recreation Centre, in such a short time is a tribute to which Erickson and communities involved are very proud.


One lady was telling another about the game of curling and she said, "If they miss the rock and don't take it out, the broom was in the wrong place."

Two ladies playing lead. One said to the other, "You're to throw first." Second lady (wringing her hands) said, "No, you throw first, I'll throw last."

Do you remember these curlers?

L.B. loved to curl, and always said that the broom didn't mean that much. After Marinus had curled against him a winter or two, he decided that there was a lot of luck involved and so tied rabbit's feet to L.B. 's rocks. He


enjoyed this as much as anyone in the club.

Wally Hutton lifted his rock up and cleaned it off on

his chest.

George Doan and the "hydraulic lift".

Emil, the swearing Dane, throwing "Ethiopians". Remember the poster, printed and painted by Barney

Berkowski and put up in the curling rink:


Take time to live, that is what time is for, Killing time is suicide,

Take time to work.

It is the price of success.

Take time to look around.

It is too short a day to be selfish.

Take time to think.

It is the source of power.

Take time to dream.

It is hitching your wagon to a star.

Take time to befriend/yo

It is the road to happiness.

Take time to love and be loved.

It is the privilege of the Gods.

Take time to play with children.

It is the joy of joys.

Take time to laugh.

It is the mirth of the soul.

Take time to be courteous.

It is the mark of a gentleman.

Take time to play.

It is the fountain of wisdom.

REMEMBER! Take time to CURL.

It is the sport for sports.

Men's Curling Club. Left to Right: Peter Slobodian, Linus Miller, Jack Hicks Centre, and Marinus Neilson.