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Erickson Mixed Curling Club Zone 3 - 1966 winners. Left to Right:

Marland Furevick, Janice Ward, Dennis Skog and Mary Hartry.

Jr. Girls' Zone 3 winners - 1982. Left to Right: Kerri Butler, Lea Ann Stitt, Lori Brown, Barb Johnston, and Janice Furevick.

Men's Curling Club. Left to Right: Ted Neilson, Merril Gusdal, Leonard Gusdal and John Gustafson.

Erickson Men's Curling Club - 1951. Left to Right: Ed Mcinnes, Angus Madill, Steve Marcino and Peter Craig.

Men's Curling Club - 1958. Left to Right: Richard Paulsen, John Gustafson, Ed Mcinnes and Les McInnes.

Erickson Mixed Curling Club. Left to Right: Emil Larsen, Bill An­ drews, Hazel Andrews, and Ann Johnson.


The ladies formed their club in 1952, at a meeting at the home of Etta Tinkler, with the following executive:

President - Mamie Slobodian, Vice-president - Ann Haralson, Secretary-Treasurer - Elsie Bradley. Mrs. William Taylor was made an honorary member at this time, too. Mr. Walter Delmage donated a shield for the ladies to curl for each year, as well as their winter