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schedule, bonspiels and attending bonspiels at Onanole, Minnedosa, Basswood, Newdale, Clanwilliam, Neepawa, and Shilo.

They didn't spend all their time curling, as there were always lunches, meals, raffles, card parties, etc. to organize to help raise money for kitchen equipment and to help keep the rink operating. They were also working with the men's curling club organizing mixed bonspiels and buying prizes.

Through the years, Ruth Skogstad, Amanda Holmlund, Mabel Neilson, Viola Miller, Mary Gusdal, Sophie Maximchuk, Mabel Lundin, Joan Mcinnes and Thora Lofgren have been made honorary members.

When work on the new Recreation Centre was started, the ladies were really kept busy, catering for weddings, serving meals, lunches and more raffles and card parties to organize to help pay for the new building. After completion, they donated drapes, dishes and other necessities for the kitchen. They helped with the interior painting and wherever else they could help. The ladies have worked with the junior curlers and aided financially when they curled in the playdowns.

The ladies hosted the Senior Ladies' Playdowns, the Lassie Playdowns and an annual district meeting. Leona Gustafson and Faye Gusdal participated in the Curl Canada program, and also conducted curling classes for the interested high school students.

In the 1978-79 curling season, H.R. Paulsen donated a trophy for the winter curlers, with Sherri McDonald and

Erickson Ladies' Curling Club. Left to Right: Eileen Mcinnes, Etta Tinkler, Mary Lasek and Rose Oleniuk.

Erickson Ladies' Curling Club. Left to Right: Etta Tinkler, Lillian Neilson, Mary Gusdal, and Ann Haralson.


her rink of her sister, Wendy McDonald, Roberta Earley and Patsy Warrington being the first winners.

They also curl for the Credit Union Shield that was donated in 1970.

Erickson Ladies' Curling Club. Left to Right: Ethel Neilson, Joan Mclnnes, Daisy Knight and Viola Miller.

Ladies' Curling Club Honorary Members. Left to Right: Thora Lofgren, Joan Mcinnes, Sophie Maximchuk, Viola Miller, Amanda Holmlund, Mary Gusdal, Mabel Larson. Missing: Mabel Lundin.

Credit Union Shield, 1982-83. Mariann Mochnacz, Marg Boucher. Valerie Soltys, Kaye Tiller.