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Carnival at the open air rink prior to 1952.

Erickson and District Memorial Arena - being demolished.

Erickson and District Skating Arena.

Work continued on the Arena with roofing being put on in the spring of '53 and finances were needed to pay off loans. At a meeting in February, 1953, the executive decided to raffle a car - a standard four-door. The tenders were received and the one for $1960 was ac­ cepted. Ten thousand tickets were printed and Mr. and Mrs. Ian Falconer were the lucky winners of the car. A few years later, a car was top prize at a Rinko held at the Arena with Mrs. Roy Skogstad being the lucky player.

The years were busy ones at the Arena with hockey games, figure skating and ice shows with Carnival Queen candidates contesting the crown.

The W.1. held their Country Fairs on the upper floor and the ice surface was used for various activities during the "off season".

Gradually the building began to deteriorate and a new roof was put on, posts and new boards around the ice surface were required but it was soon evident that ex­ tensive repairs would be required to maintain the stan­ dards.

Left to Right: Beryl Thoren, Evelyn Gusdal, Leona Hoefer, Lily Byskal, Marlys Mae, Jane Gustafson, Frances Skoglund - 1953.

Left to Right: Rose Marie Roshka, Eileen Morris, Leigh McInnes, Gwen Mclnnes, Carol Soltys, and unidentified.

Wendy Suski, Arend Brookman, Linda Luzney, Adam Wright, Linda Erickson, Alan Soltys, Joan Buckingham, Ole Shellborn - 1968.