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Joyce Knight, Leigh Mclnnes, Marcia Morris, Geraldine Berkowski, Betty Tinkler, Joan Soltys -1953.

Back Row, Left to Right: Madeline Knight, Marlene Goodman, Janet Johnson, Sylvia Townley, Karen Neilson, Emily Holmberg. Front Row:

Anna Luzney, Eileen Morris - 1955.

A group at the local carnival- 1955.


After an inspection by the Department of Labour, the committee was advised that since they were responsible for the occupants of the Arena, they should not allow the use of the building when there was a snow accumulation on the roof or if winds were in excess of ten miles per hour. Consequently, the use of the Arena was restricted during the winter of 1977-1978. The following year, the doors were closed and the building was condemned bringing to an end the life of the Erickson and Com­ munity Memorial Arena but in the hearts and minds of the people it served, the happy memories will continue to live on and on.

For the next two years, while the new Arena was being built, Onanole opened their doors to the Erickson skating public and their hospitality and generosity has been greatly appreciated.

Mention must be made and tribute given to all who so generously gave of their time and money to make the operation of the Arena a success; and to the Caretakers who worked as diligently providing good ice, and a clean, tidy and orderly waiting room. Some of the caretakers who served over the years from 1952-1978 were: Merril Gusdal, Frank Hogarth, Albin Paulsen, Cliff Warrington, Eskil Ullberg, Melvin Wetteland, Olav Gilleshammer, Fred Christopherson, Mike Rebenchuk, Mike Kostiw, and John Frankiw.

A group at the local carnival.


by Marge Gregorash

On January 20th, 1978, the Erickson Lions Club held an open public meeting to decide whether a new skating rink should be built or if the old rink should be repaired. A letter from the Department of Labour dated April 7, 1977 stated the condition of the rink and their advice was not to open the area for the safety of the children. A letter was read from Underwood McLellan and