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Old timers. Back Row, Left to Right: Gordon Skoglund, Harold Stitt, Bill Earley, Clare Clark, Jack McLise, Emil Shellbom, John Gustafson. Front Row: Bill Anderson, Gordon Freko, Ben Ward, Paul Shewchuk, Arend Brookman, Lorne Mackedenski.

Erickson Hockey team. Back Row, Left to Right: Ricki Lucas, Ron Metcalfe, Craig Skoglund, Dwain MacDonald, Wayne Zachedniak, Mitchell Freko, Allan Tokaryk (coach). Centre Row: Don Brazeau, Don Graham, Ted Rebenchuk, Florian Penonzek, Terry Woychyshyn, Lorry Berkowski. Front Row: Allan Penonzek, Allan Shellborn, Elliot Skoglund, Wade Shellborn, Ricky Babijowski.

Hockey equipment was nil, improvised sticks were made for the goalie, sometimes a kitchen broom was used by the goalie to stop the swift travelling puck. Uniforms were but a dream. Shin pads were made from magazines wrapped around the legs with bands made from discarded inner tubes. The goalie would wear as many clothes as he could put on. Despite all these short­ comings, the roaring game went on.

Scandinavia's rink was on Huttons Lake, and they sometimes flooded a piece of flat ground near the Scandinavia store, Hilltop used Naswell's Lake, Westmount played their hockey on Nora Lake, the property of the late Arvid Ullberg. Danvers chose a slough on the F. Wettland property. The Vikings on Muskrat Lake, south and east of Erickson, and the


Erickson Hockey Team - 1967. Back Row, Left to Right: Ricki Lucas, Larry Berkowski, Florian Penonzek, Terry Woychyshyn, Craig Skoglund, Wayne Zachedniak, Ricky Babijowski, Mitchell Freko. Front Row: Ted Rebenchuk, Elliot Skoglund, Allan Shellborn, Donnie Graham, Allan Penonzek.

Erickson Hockey Team - 1968. Back Row, Left to Right: Bob Smith, Manager, Allan Penonzek, Roe Anderson, Mitchell Freko, Wayne Zachedniak, Ted Rebenchuk, Terry Gustafson. Front Row: Tim Word, Donnie Graham, Florian Penonzek, Ronnie Stitt, Dwight Ullberg.

Erickson boys on Leda Lake. The Vikings on Muskrat Lake had the better of the rinks at that time and hockey tournaments were held there. People carne from all the surrounding districts with horses and sleighs to cheer their teams to success. How simple the game was in those days, each team played with goodwill, being happy just to be able to compete and play the game.

In 1931 an open air rink was constructed in Erickson, with two heated waiting rooms, and electric lights. The electric power was produced from a Delco motor. From then hockey was organized into age groups. The players had their first uniforms donated by gas companies. Hockey became a very important item in the winter, our boys competed with rinks from Clanwilliam, Bethany, Elphinstone, Kelwood and Minnedosa. Over twenty