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Winter is the season of ice and snow. With the many lakes, rivers and sloughs in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam, skating and ice hockey, played a very important part in the social life of the surrounding communities during the winter months.

In late November when the ice became strong enough the boys in the different districts, would choose their lake, clear off the snow, which I might add here, became a never ending job. Gather wood for a bonfire, and place large logs for the purpose of sitting on to put on your skates. As time went on it was found necessary to freeze in boards or slabs around the ice surface. Poles were also frozen in to hang lanterns on for night skating. Granaries were hauled up on shore to serve as a shelter, a wood heater installed, a welcome place to warm your hands and feet.

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The Vikings playing hockey on then called Muskrat Lake. Back Row:

Arthur Neilson, Bill Anderson, Ted Neilson. Front Row: Elis Holm­ berg, unidentified, Helge Holmberg, Otto Neilson.

Old Timers on Muskrat Lake.

An early hockey team. Left to Right: Fred Wickstrom, A/f Sundmark, Bill Anderson, Clarence Johnson, Ono Newpert, Doug McCaig, Orville Gusdal, Leonard Neva, Doug Brekke, (mascot) Joe Grodecki.

Erickson Hockey team (1940's). Back Row, Left to Right: Manager Trevor John, Bruce Holmlund, Eskil Ullberg, Wilbert Jacobson, Bud Hall, Earl Ullberg, Floyd Shellborn, Coach Bill Anderson. Middle Row: Harold Stitt, Jack Epp, Ernest Ullberg, Dale Hall, Norman Stone. In Front: Peter Marcino.

Senior Hockey Team. Standing, Left to Right: Wilbert Jacobson, Ken Sigurdson, Danny Gusdal, Stu Granger, Lawrence Bertram, Clare Clark, Glen Hall, Ken Griffiths, Emil Shellborn. Second Row: Les McInnes, Ben Ward, Jack McLise. Front: Ken Holmberg, Mr. Richot, Bob Smith, and unidentified.

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