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Ken Wickdahl, with approximately forty members.

Numerous fund raising rides were sponsored by the club. Ride from Erickson to Rivers raised $925.00 for the New Recreation Centre Building. Erickson hosted Rivers club in appreciation and took them on a ride around the park line with fifty-seven snowmobilers. A snowmobile­ a-thon to Clear Lake raised $581.00 for two new stoves for the Rec. Centre. The Club assisted RCMP on many occasions and also assisted during winter storms by transporting the nurses to the hospital.

For a number of years the club participated in a torch lite parade during the Snow Festival.

More recent fund raising was a ride from Brandon to Erickson. Thirteen riders participating raising $1292.00 plus $193.00 from funds of club and donated to The New Erickson Skating Rink.

Viking Valley Trail Riders on a fund raising ride.

Through leafy underbrush an old road leads, Now overgrown with vagrant grass and weeds. High centers rise between the weI/-worn tracks, Where many wheels upheld their heavy packs, Where horses, one time, pranced or trod along ­ Roads now un travelled by the hurried throng.


Tobogganing at Island hill.


BY Jocelyne Steele

On April 22, 1966, fifteen people met at Olav and Lula Shellborn's place to discuss forming a saddle club. All were in favor, so a meeting was held at the Onanole Legion Hall on May 6th, with nineteen people in at­ tendance.

Officers elected were Stewart Steele, president, Milt Humpage, vice-president and Lula Shellborn as secretary-treasurer. Rules were drawn up: visitors would be allowed, no stallions on trail rides, no liquor and there would be an annual fee of $1.00 per person.

Charter members were Mary and Jewel Thoren, Olav, Lula and Karen Shellborn, Stewart, Jocelyne and Bill Steele, Milt and Gail Humpage, Jim and Bob Parrott, Kelly Gibbons, Nelson Clym, Lucille McLaughlin, Darlene Basaraba, and Ron Winder. Other first year members were Vernon and Rose Rollings, Gwen Gib­ bons, Mona Pratt, Etta Tinkler, Karen and Gordon Bergeson and Nelson Armstrong.

The first regular meeting was at Mary Thoren's where Ron Winder gave a demonstration on proper grooming, saddling, mounting and handling reins. Ideas for a crest and club name were requested and Jocelyne Steele's club name of Whirlpool Riders and Milt Humpage's idea for a crest were chosen. Stewart Steele was chosen as trail boss for the south and Milt Humpage was chosen for the north.

The first trail ride was along the Whirlpool River and other trail rides followed to Pacey Lake, Boy's Scout camp, to the Norgate Highway and to Lake Katherine for lunch. A Centennial ride was made to McCreary with a stop at Vern Harper's farm, taking part in the parade and rodeo. The group went on a ride in the Carberry desert, guests of the Arabian Saddle Club.

In May 1970, a centennial project consisted of a ride-a­ thon from the Peace Gardens to Riding Mountain National Park though the weather was very bad.